Friday, May 21, 2010

Hello & Welcome to My Blog!:-)

Hello everyone, and hope this finds you all doing well!:) Sorry, not ignoring any of you, just doing the final stages of graduation for our son which is on Sunday. Tomorrow night family will be here from LA, and then on Sunday everyone will get together. This weekend will be simple, but has just taken time to order what foods were needed, getting the house in order...some things not working/breaking down along the way too. It has been 1 heck of a week, and then the house was shown today on top of it all. Hopefully next week can start breathing a little bit, doing our last celebration with other side of family, and then things should be back to normal after all of this.

I did get time to take the glass from the picture frames I got to put around my straw hat--one I had done for my grandmother in her apartment--on my bedroom wall. Once I removed the glass I cut some scrapbook paper to fit, painted some chalkboard keys, crackle painted some little mini popcycle sticks to make fence posts, painted some mini straw hats, put couple of flowers on each one, used some embroidery paint to make fence lines between the posts. Once the painted items were all dried, and did any final touches to them, I was able to glue everything where I wanted on the scrapbook papers. Once the glue dried I put the papers into the designated frames they were done for, and hung them on the way. My daughter commented that they turned out better than she thought/pictured that they would. Something very simple, nothing fancy, or too done up, and it made a difference on the wall too. 

Once family is gone again, and everything is fully done from graduation I can spend more time crafting like I have been wanting to do. I am anxious for this. Well, before I bore ya'll anymore I should stop for the night. Been almost a week, and wanted to stop by & say hi to all. 

Oh, yeah, the beautiful Marquise Sapphire & Diamond ring I had listed for sale sold in auction at ebay. I know, I normally don't use ebay, especially after paying all the fees I did with final cost, paypal, listing fees, etc. They all got a nice chunk from me, but the ring is sold to someone I feel will appreciate it, wear it, and loves sapphires herself. 

Good Night everyone, and have a  beautiful weekend if I do not get back by here to chat till after. Take care All!:)

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