Sunday, May 16, 2010

Marquise Sapphire and Diamond Ring, Painting, Home Decor

Hello Everyone! Sorry, been away from here for almost a week. Graduation is coming faster, and the rush is on to get things done. I have cleared the table off for people to sit at, and moved the crafts back to my craft rooms. Then, I decided to get some picture frames out to work on really quick, and finish a wall in my bedroom. A little bit of scrapbook paper, colored frames already colored, crackle paint, bronze colored spray paint, some chalkboard keys, some little mini wooden popcicle sticks make for fence posts, and a couple of little wicker hats, and some fabric embroidery paints I found along with whatever else I feel like doing along the way. Hopefully tomorrow I will have everything done, dried, and it goes back into the frames to hang on my wall. The frames will be arranged around a wicker hat that I had decorated a long time ago for my grandmother. It sat outside her apartment door with the word welcome on it. Since she had passed I got it back, and of course are colors of my bedroom, and that is where the hat hangs on the wall without the words welcome.

It feels good to be working on something again. Feels great that I can do some work, walk away while drying, come back to it later to alter-change-add to it, and it is done when I feel it to be done. I always did like the personal touches done to the decor in a home. The home is definitely a part of 'Us' when we can do this:-)

Well, I hope this finds everyone doing well, and that you had a great week too!:) I still have items for sale in my bonanzle booth, my etsy booth, and also my ecrater store too. Then, I decided to put that gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring showing on my 'For Sale Blog' up for sale at ebay. I did just a short time listing for the auction. My views are climbing, and my views have really been climbing at ecrater with it too. Would really be nice that it sold....preferably through my blog here, or ecrater. That is the last piece of jewelry I will be selling of mine. I have brought down my jewelry inventory to the pieces I wear, but knowing me I will find at least 1 or 2 more pieces to purchase at some point.

Anyway, time to run again. Wanted to say Hi to everyone, and hope ya'll are doing well. Soon the madness shall be over for me that I can then focus more on me, my crafts, my sales, and etc. Take care everyone till the next time.....

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