Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Milk Glass Collectibles For Sale For Home

Milk Glass Collectibles, For Sale, For Home Decor, and for many more things. 

Welcome to LilacsNDreams, and glad to have you joining with me today. I am going to discuss, and show a few pictures of pieces of Milk Glass for your reading. 

Did you know that Milk Glass was first made, or originated in Venice in the 16th century. The Venetians made the glass opaque, or translucent in several different colors of blue, pink, yellow, green, and including white too. The white color is achieved through the addition of a tin oxide, or a bone ash. The name "milk glass" is a relatively recent name for the glass which is blown, or pressed into a wide variety of shapes. Milk Glass is still considered a luxury item, and a great collectible. It is very easy to fit into any type of style you may have. 

Sometimes people cannot find the exact shape of a Milk Glass item that they would like. To solve this issue some people will find glass pieces that are clear, or maybe another color, and will paint them white to fit in with their needs. 

This glass can be nicely decorative, gorgeous with flowers, or some of the pieces will also have a shape that needs nothing else to show it. The item will take on it's own style alone as is. Below you will find some pictures showing you different pieces, and styles of Milk Glass. Some of the makers are unknown, some are vintage, some come from names such as Fenton, Westmoreland, and so on. If you do not see the item with the link I am showing you that is because the item either sold, or is no longer available. Also, for other reasons it might not be available too. 

Different Shapes Sizes Styles of Milk Glass

Moss and Milk Glass Center Pieces

Here you can search their site to find different things, different ideas, and enjoy:)

Fenton Blue Milk Glass Compote
Barking Sands Vintage 

Shell Pink Milk Glass Pedestal Cake Stand
Fab Funky Finds 

White Milk Glass Shaker Set
Passion of Milk Glass Collecting

Vintage Green Milk Glass Hobnail Slipper Shoe
Eclectic Artifacts

Isn't it wonderful the different colors, styles, shapes, and different pieces offered for Milk Glass. With this kind of variety many pieces can fit into many home decors. Don't forget the Holidays we will soon be celebrating. Milk Glass is great to have adorning the rooms in your home during that time!:)

Thanks for visiting LilacsNDreams, and I hope you enjoyed the topic of Milk Glass. Now that you have some new ideas, know a little more about it, and can see what it does with different arrangements....time for you to go shopping, thrifting, and hunting to find some pieces for your home!:)

Take care everyone, and come visit with me anytime!:)


  1. Wasn't aware that milk glass came in colors; I thought it was all white! Interesting segment!

  2. Merry Fox...I am like you, and really had not realized that milk glass did come with different colors. I guess I would not have believed it till I did the little research that I did about it.

    Thanks for visiting, and have a super Weekend!:)



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