Saturday, August 20, 2011

Welcome to LilacsNDreams Blog Website

Hello everyone, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams Blog! Sorry, I guess this was my week to slack off just a bit. I do have a topic I am going to share, but will probably do it this next week. Got some pictures, and some blogs/sites I would like to add with the topic too. Also, don't forget the tabs at the top for other pages with this blog too. I try to share things a little different with each one:)

For our area, most of the schools have started. Kids seem to be doing good, and enjoying themselves. For me it was quite different this year not rushing around getting school supplies, looking for any school lists, registering kids for school, having a meet the teacher night, and so on. Both our kids our grown up now...last one graduated last year, and our daughter is a bit older, and is married with a 6 year old too. Oh, yeah, Grandma I am too....she decided she had to start young I guess:)

Hope everyone had a great week, was enjoyable, able to get some last minute plans in, final vacations, but hang on as we have Labor Day coming to us soon too!:) Thanks for visiting, and stopping by to check on things here. Ya'll take care, and see you again soon. Have a sweet Weekend!:)


  1. Hello! I'm on your actual real blog now. hehe. Now I can find you on the Hive and here!

  2. Very nice blog, love the style & colors :)

  3. Thank you for the visits, and the kind and special words too!:) I deeply apologize for being sooo behind with my blog lately. I was on a regular posting schedule, but due to some things with family...daughter & grand daughter moving out of state, and son signing up for the army - the paper work - doing what needs to be done with that - etc....I have been busy, and lost track of the time with things. Soooo, hopefully this week I can get things back in to order, and into a regular schedule again too.

    Thanks again everyone!:) Have a super week!:)


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