Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Listing Formats Basics for Market Places

Listing Formats Basics for Different Market Places

Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone!:) Tonight I will be covering the listing formats, the basics of them for the different market places. Every market place provides you with a form for you to complete, and is the page you will see when shopping. Keep in the mind that the sequence of how the pages are done will be different with each place, but they all have different sections to complete. Don't be frustrated with them as they do the same thing, just different orders of things done, and the categories can vary too. 

You will want to choose the category you will be listing with. Make sure you check for any site rules about listing in certain categories, and if you are allowed to list with more than one category too. You will want to research a bit to see the categories used by others selling similar items with the site you are listing with. Most of the sites do have a specific category, and then sub-categories with them. 

Writing a Title as was mentioned before will now be used. Check with the site you are using for how many characters are allowed in the titles. It is generally from about 55 up to 70 characters. Avoid the adjectives such as Beautiful, Adorable, Pretty, New with your titles as they will not count, or help. They do not make you stand out more in searches, and only take away from characters you are allowed to use. Make sure to use keywords that will be used for searching for your items with the search engines. 

Next will come the pictures you will be posting which we covered last week with the bit on photography. Each site is different on the amount of pictures they will allow. Some will allow up to 10 for free, or is included with your site fees. Other places maybe only allow 1-4, and any more you will have to pay a small fee for anything above that. Also, will you be able to use the pictures from your computer, or does the site have you upload them from an online hosting site. By now, you will know some of these things as you are doing your listings to better assist you.

Now you will work on your descriptions with your listings. Make sure to give as much information as possible here. It is ok to use your title here again in the first sentence which is better for search engines, and placements. Give information of the product, color, size, condition, vintage, collectible, handmade, supplies, and etc. Mention some of the purposes of having this item, why they should purchase it, and make this appealing to the customer. Remember, you are trying to sell your product to them who cannot see it in person, feel it, touch it, smell it, and etc. 

Mention your payment types accepted, your shipping procedures and what they can expect, and your return policies also. If you charge any kind of handling fees it would be best to mention this too. Let them know that if they have any questions to please contact you with them. You are willing to help them the best that you can to make this an enjoyable, smooth, and pleasant transaction. 

As you can see it is all kind of coming together now from this little bit of a series that has been offered to you each week. There is just another 1-2 topics to cover, and you are on your way to listing your products, and enjoying your sales that will soon come to you also. Remember, it can be frustrating at first. Especially if this is all new to you. Some people will make a sale right away, and then have to wait again for another one. I have seen another business who has been doing ok for themselves mention that it took them up to 9 months before they made their first sale. It varies, and no 2 incidents will ever be alike. All we can do is learn from others, apply some of what others have done, but most of all find the way that works best for ourselves to accomplish our goals. 

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and I hope this information has been helpful to you. Either you can follow what has been suggested, or at least apply some of it to fit in with your own way of doing things. I wish you all well, and Good Luck to you all!:) Happy Selling, and enjoy everyone!:)

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