Friday, July 29, 2011

Product Pricing For Auctions, Fixed Price, Payments, Shipping

Product Pricing For Auctions, Fixed Price, Payments, Shipping.

You are almost ready to start listing with your new market places, or auction sites you have chosen. A few things you should have thought of, and worked out before you start listing. This will better help you, and assist you as you do your listings. 

Auction: Your starting price, setting a reserve price has been noted to be discouraging when 
  bidding. You want to list with the lowest price you would be happy to sell with. 

Fixed Price:  When doing this please research your items. Check with Ebay to see what it sold for   
  on an average. With the search engines check on the average asking price. Then, you can better 
  determine what would be a respectable asking price you can be happy with. 

Shipping Charges:  There are different shipping choices from different carriers with different 
  services. Decide if you wish to offer free shipping, or not. Consider if you want to use the 
  estimated shipping costs which would mean maybe using some charts, and a scale would be very
  handy to use too. Or, maybe you would like to use calculated shipping costs. There is NO law on
  this answer. NO right, or wrong answer. This one you will decide what works for you, and what are
  you comfortable with using. You might have to try different ways before you settle on which method
  you will use. 

Payment Types:  Some of the sites will allow you to set payment options on each listing. Others will
  have you deal with this when you first set up your account. Those choices would then be added to
  every listing. Paypal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payments, Money Orders, Checks, and so on. Each
  site is different in what they will allow. 

 Make sure you include information for shipping times according to the payment received. Show this 
 with your shipping policies. Something like you ship 3 times a week, 5 days a week, within 24 hours
 of a clear payment received, and so on. If you are accepting Money Orders, or Checks they usually
 allow more accepting time. The payment decision can, and will effect how you ship, and the delivery 

Return Policy:  Decide if you will, or will not offer a return policy. Some do, and some don't. 
  Depends on what you sell, previous conditions, and etc. Also, if you accept returns is it with money
  back, or credit. Another issue to note is if the Buyer will be responsible for the shipping for returned
  items also. Keep in mind that some use the return policy with a buyers remorse too. This is some-
  thing you will have to determine what will work for you. 

Some Sellers will post with every listing their policies at the end, or bottom of the description. Some put it on another page for policies. You will have to decide if you want them to look further, or if you will have everything noted up front for them without searching further for information. Yes, this can be time consuming, but you will also find it is necessary to have this all in order prior to doing your listings. Will make the listing process a little more simpler for you, and a bit smoother as you find your way of how you want to do your listings. 

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and hope I was able to help you just a little bit more. Whether it is giving you ideas, or giving you some things to consider you might have forgotten about too. Always welcome to share, comment, and offer more too. Thanks again everyone, and have a super weekend!:)

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