Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome to LilacsNDreams Blog and Blog Pages

Good Morning, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams!

Almost 4 a.m. my time, and I still need to get some sleep! Had a hectic week with babysitting grand baby, she loves my attention, and it makes it a little harder to get on this wonderful computer to visit facebook, social medias, and of course to come in here and blog with everyone!:)

I just finished another page I have added to my blog. Now, remember, since google threw a curve about the pages they allow...10 of them, but they are static pages too. I have had to find another way like many others of how to get my pages to my blog. Soooo, if you will look to the right, see where it says My Blog Pages to Visit, you can click on those, and go to the pages I have made so far for my LilacsNDreams Blog. Hopefully this will help everyone a bit instead of cramming everything into one spot. Trying to spread it out a bit so more can be done, can share a little bit more, and making it so that others can share and comment with us on each posting to. 

Well, now, better be off to bed. Hope everyone has a great day, and yes, I will be back to this in a few hours again. I have another blog topic I want to get done for everyone to read too. Take care my blogging friends.

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