Monday, July 11, 2011

Selling Online Full Time, Part Time, Plan, Products

Selling Online Full Time, Part Time, Plan, Products. So, are you ready to sell online, or are you selling already? Are you selling part time, or full time online? First of all, have you determined what you will be selling? Will it be vintage, collectibles, new, used, repurposed, upcycled, handmade, etc. Once you choose what you want to sell, then there is more things to consider before actually getting started. Keep in mind that you might choose something now, but things can always change too. You know, once you get started, get the feel of things, and maybe you will see something else that would better fit you, or something else you feel more comfortable with. 

Once you have a product in mind you should then choose a name for yourself, your business. The internet is a big place, and others might also think like you with choosing a name. So, when you think you have a name, check to see if it is taken, how many others are using it, and so on. You can do this by checking on, maybe look at godaddy to see if someone has a domain for the name you chose, and things like that. When choosing your name, or user name for a site, try to choose a name that is descriptive to what you are doing, your business, etc. I myself chose a name a long time ago. It has followed me since 2004 as others were not using it, and have not come close to it. But, as things grow, and expand others are choosing names similar to me. Also, my name follows me with all accounts that I use for sites, blogs, website, emails, and so on. This will help with your exposure on the internet. 

Once you have chosen a name you will want to decide on an avatar, a profile picture you want to use. This will help in your identity as well. Some use their personal pictures of themselves, and some choose a picture that identifies with their business name they have chosen.  This is a decision you will have to make. Many say use your personal pictures so that people can see who they are dealing with, and for a more personal effect. Some do not use a picture for security, and personal reasons too. Remember, you will start with things now, and you can always change as everything is still new to you, and you will be working on establishing yourself.

You will have accounts you will want to establish. Emails, and if you have chosen one or more venues you will want to get those set up. Upon setting all of this up, remember security with everything. Choose passwords that you will remember, add numbers with them, and so on. Once you put your name, and business to the internet things become public. You will also want to consider checking with your accountant, or tax preparer about books you should keep for inventory, expenses, taxes for selling online, etc. There are tax changes that have gone into effect that have to be reported for 2011 taxes for online sellers. Make sure to find out about those, and what you will need to do for that as well. 

Remember, you might get discouraged, be nervous, and question things because it is all new to you. Everyone has been through this. The internet is a big place, and it can take a while to establish yourself, and to others. If you were thinking of selling online occasionally it is still good to do these things, and practice some of them too.

These are a few things to consider to getting started with selling online. As you go through them you might think of more to add to your list as well. Good to keep a notepad nearby to make notes, write down some thoughts, or make notes of maybe things others will always suggest as well. 

There is more to come, but hope these first few steps will help you with getting started. I wish you luck, and thank you for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Take care everyone!:)


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