Thursday, July 7, 2011

Full Time Part Time Sellers or Considering Selling

Full Time, Part Time Sellers, or Considering Selling. Which are you?

First of all, I do hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend, and enjoyed all that you were able to do. During my Holiday weekend I was on, and off the computer. I seen some wonderful blogs out there in blogland of sharing their ideas, their techniques, and ways of doing some of their wonderful work with repurposing, upcycling, refurbishing, and so on. I enjoyed many, made notes of some, and have yet to add them to my Sharing Blog Love page. There is a tab at top, or a clickable link in my right side bar of My Blog List to Visit. 

So, my question to some of you is how many of you are sellers, resellers of products you find. Do some of you deal with Drop Shipping, Sell for yourselves or for others, Do some of you have your own brick & mortar store, and have added online sales with it? How many of you do this full time, or part time for yourselves? 

Maybe some started with selling some of your own things, collectibles, household goods, home decor, items repurposed, some upcycled items, handmade, crafts, scrapbooking, and so on. I myself started out with selling of items from thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, and so on. A lot of it has been a learn as I go with what to look for, where to sell it, how to research items, knowing what prices to put on items, the shipping, and more of customer service too. Much of it has been by trial, and error to things. It is always a learning process every day. Something is always changing, being updated, new techniques of things, and as I said always learning. Yes, prior to this I had done retail sales with small stores, and with a bigger chain in my area too. I have always worked with customer service. Like many others I was wanting more too. 

So, my start with online sales was back in 2004. Since then I have been on, and off with it. Towards the end of 2010 into 2011 I started thinking I wanted more. I wanted to learn more, and take it up a step or two. Like many I started out with basics of selling online, and nothing wrong with it. Depends on your goals, and what you want from it to know where you are headed with your business. 

So, my next few topics will be covering just some basics for doing sales online. They are not rules, not written anywhere of this is what you need to do, or has to be done type thing. Just sharing some basics of things to help those who maybe have considered selling online, and maybe a thought for those who have been selling online as well.

Thanks for visiting LilacsNDreams today. Don't forget to see some of my vintage items with my Artfire store, some of my repurposed items are also in my Artfire store, and some of my collectibles and glassware are with my Ecrater store. Always happy to see the visits, and the sharing of everyone. Take care my Blogging friends till the next time. 



  1. You asked and you shall receive. I have an etsy shop, did have a booth in antique mall and sell at some craft shows. I don't do it full time because I work. I closed my booth because they up my rent, wanted to charge me extra for not volunteer walking for them, and started charge other fees. I couldn't justify the increase, and at the moment I really didn't have time. What I would really like is to find a shop like I use to have that sold my things on consignment. I haven't found one like yet, but I am still looking. Have a great weekend. Your Missouri Friend.

  2. Shirley, nice to see you. Was thinking of you other day too!:) I have a shop at Etsy too. Unfortunately, following some of my google analytics, and watching things with google, Artfire shows my items in organic & shopping too. Etsy only gives me organize. I do all of the same promotions, links, showings of things, etc...but that is what it shows.

    I can understand that with the booth. My friend had something like that happen with her too.

    Very hard to find good consignment shops in any area. Some are good, but some are not like they use to be. That was my brick & mortar store I had for about 1 1/2 yrs till health became an issue for me. I had more customers from out of town than from my own town...usually how it goes. I miss it some days, but really like doing things online, the pace of things, the hours, and just some of the small things that make it pleasant:)

    Have a super weekend my Missouri Friend!! I wish you well, and the best of luck!:)


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