Thursday, October 20, 2011

Repurposing and Reusing What You Have

Repurposing and Reusing What You Already Have

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Glad to have you here, and happy that you could stop by. Been sitting here, and thinking of different topics to work with on my blog. I have to make a list when I think of something, or I might forget about it, and never think of it again. Today I was thinking of items being repurposed. How many times do we repurpose a particular item. How many items in your home have been repurposed. Are all of your repurposing projects from home, or did you find some while thrifting too. 

I LOVE to repurpose, and reuse things myself. It is more cost effective when you use what you already have, or thrift for items to repurpose and reuse for your home, or for selling too. Another reason to repurpose is that some of your pieces already have character, patina, details, and so on with them. Newer pieces do not have this. Also, often your older pieces you have are better made than some of the newer items made today too. So, before you plan on buying new, have a look around. Carefully look for pieces that you could reinvent. Some pieces might just need a little updating which could be some new material, glued together, fresh paint touch up, new hardware, and just have fun reimagining them in new ways. 

For instance, that old tv armoire you think you should get rid of? Why not convert it to maybe a kitchen pantry, a microwave cart, and etc. Don't get rid of that small old dining room table now. You could cut the legs down on it to a height that agrees with you, and make it into a coffee table. Another thing we often rid of is dressers. Instead of being rid of those why not convert those into maybe a bathroom vanity. Another thing is don't be rid of them darn old bathroom fabric shower curtains quite yet. They are good enough to use for showers, water resistant, and etc. Soooo, why not use them for some of the outdoor cushion covers? 

Now, I am not saying or telling you to go out, and do exactly what I have said to do here. I am suggesting that before we throw, or are rid of things from the home, and before buying new....maybe consider items to be repurposed, and reused in other ways. Nearly everything has a second life. Seeing beyond what it is, to what it can be can be really fun too!:) And.....a money saver too!:)

Thanks again for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone! Don't be afraid to share, or comment with each of my postings either. LOVE hearing from everyone, and having ya'll add something too. Also, keep an eye on my store at Artfire too. I am getting ready, and gearing up to start adding more inventory to it. Most of the inventory I am adding will be items that have been repurposed, painted, glued, and things like that. It is all a working progress, and dealing with many things from the home, or what I find thrifting too. Also, I do have a few more vintage, and collectible items that I will be adding into the inventory as well.  I have slowly been working on revising some of the listings there now, have a small start, and hope to do more with wording, categorizing, changing pictures if needed, and etc. Work, Work, Work:)

Take care everyone, and see you again soon!:)

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