Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bonanzle, eCrater, Summer Heat.........Hello Everyone!:)

Hello everyone, and Happy Fun Weekend to ya'll! Just dropping by here quick to check on things, and respond to new friends/followers.......Thank You!:) Hope the weather is good where ya'll are at because it is Hot Hot Hot here! Maybe storms tonight, and hot and muggy rest of week. Official hot summer tis here:) 

Keeping busy reading emails, blogging, facebooking, and want to list a few more things by tonight too...wish me luck. Empty house today, and on my own for a while to work. Didn't sleep hardly at all last 4 a.m. was up sanding on my box again to make me tired. Some areas the paint was doubled & harder to sand off, and the back area I don't think hardly any paint used & a different piece of wood then the rest of the box. I am seeing the wood graining here. I just have to finsih drawers I started on, and off to painting it. Then....decisions of scrapbook paper, wall paper, or some wall borders I have to for the top, back, and on the front drawers....just love creating!:)

Hope this finds everyone doing well, surviving the heat where ya are. Take care everyone, and you know me....I'll drop by here again:) Enjoy your weekend everyone!:)

Don't forget the clickable buttons to the side here for shopping wth my bonanzle booth, and my ecrater store. Also, I am working with my LilacsNDreams Store button above....can buy directly from there with paypal:)

Ok, enjoy all...Thanks for Visiting!....Later:-)


  1. You're so industrious! Hope you show us pictures of the box when you finish. I'm eager to see it!

  2. Yes, I took a picture of it before I started it. Looks so funny now without the painted design on it, and some of it has been easy, and some of interesting. I honestly think on the bottom they really went all out & had like 2-3 coats of paint on it. The back side has a different wood than the rest due to the wood grain I am seeing & not much paint there. Then, I was just gonna repaint inside of box along with the drawers...well, on inside of box they partially painted it, and so from the front of it at least I decided to sand that a bit to help with the painting procedure. I wasn't going to prime it, but did get a can of primer to use with this project quickly. Just in case:) I am trying to do too many things at once, and need to step back a bit here before I get too many things going, and no completions, and get upset:) Thanks for the visit!:) Have a super fun day!:)


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