Saturday, July 31, 2010

Google Sites Web Page Set Up

Good Morning everyone! Whew! I still need to get to bed. But, I had to stop by here, and let ya'll know how it went with working on my google site today. I did work on the page more, I worked with godaddy to forward my address to there also. Give it about 48 hrs to be safe, but if you go to LilacsNDreams  you should be able to see so far what I have done. Please, it is not perfect, still a working progress as I am trying to understand some of it too. But, I have made a good start I think with it. For others who would like to do a page...Hey, it's free, and gives you more exposure because it is google too. Go to and start with things there. Also, you Do Not have to have your address as a .com, sign up with godaddy to get it, or anything like that. You will get an address for your site there which will be Your Name Will be Here. That will be how your address will look. Since I had godaddy signed up for, paid for, I might as well use it, right? I did have it signed up to my blog prior to this. 

Anyway, hope ya'll have a great weekend, and have fun with all you do! Meet with ya'll later. 

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