Thursday, August 13, 2009

FINALLY! Decided to Post:-}

Ok,I am nervous about this cuz I want things to look good, be rt, all in order, blah blah blah. But, I have finally decided it was time to get this baby open to all fellow bloggers. After all, I read all of your things, why shouldn't mine be read too. Or, things shared would be great too!:-} So, with this you will see quite a few pics I took of some things on the 1st floor of our home. They are not things that are for sale, but was tryin to give you an idea of some things I like myself. Also, to give a feel for some of the things that I do offer for resale too. Of course I like wooden candle holders which we have on both floors of our home. And, I do own a couple of ceramic made ones too. I luv would items, glasswares, tins, definitely things with a past, etc. I am a simple person who takes great pleasures in the small things, and luv to search for them too. The "Hunt" is always an exciting & relaxing time too:}

Sorry for sooo many pics at once. I am tryin to get a feel for this, get comfortable, and there are just sooo many things a person wants to share to make you comfortable, and to get a better feel for what I do & enjoy:) So, kick back, read, look, and enjoy. Stop back anytime to visit & do feel free to share too. Have a Great Day/Evening Everyone!!:-}

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