Friday, August 28, 2009

*** HELLO WEEKEND:-) ***

Good Evening Everyone!:) Hope ya'll had a great day & of course a beautiful start to an excellent weekend, right?:) I had many things to do today, but found myself home bound instead & lounging. Rather...working on the computer transferring files, cleaning things out, etc. I did get a few more pics done of things around the house again. Just in a sharing mood right now. The hanging lamp is 1 that use to hang in my Grandmother's bedroom over a rocker. Works great yet & I try my hardest to make sure I always find a place to show it:) Next is another lil white wicker basket that she use to keep in her bathroom too. You know, to put whatever in, or maybe an extra roll of paper, huh? Next to the basket is an Avon powder talc with the box & a full container I had found a couple of years ago. HMM...Then, there is the durable old plastic canisters I have sitting on top the cupboards in the kitchen. Don't make things like they use to back then, that's for sure!

Here is a wooden like purse that is varnished, has the lil tarnished brass lookin handles wth its lil hook for closing. The design on front is also found on the back side too. Not big, but yummy wth some of the home decor:)

The 1st pic is a wall hangin wth the appearance of wood & crackled paint, but isn't. It hung with me for quite a few yrs, but I am changing some things again:) Next is an adorable palette that hangs in the bathroom I have had for at least 6 1/2 yrs & bought it used too. Does have the sticker on the back wth a small explanation of the making of these. So cute!:)

The 1st pic is a black & white photo that has the paper backing with the wire hanger for hanging. My mother? Then, the oval pic is of my great grandmother & great grandfather. Still looks new as the day it was done. I was remembering that I have quite a few black & white photos in my box upstairs. My problem is not knowing who some of them are between family & friends. Unfortunately, my mother, my grandmother & great-grandparents are no longer with me to help me thru this part. So, what does a person do with these items then? Do they keep on being stored as they are, or does one bring them out & frame them, collage them, etc? HMM...that is one I will have to think about, and note some ideas along the way. I know that some of them I could scrapbook wth some gorgeous antique vintage looking papers to show them more. Oh, we'll have to see. Well, I have some more places to visit, people to see, people to drop in on & etc. So, I better be off to them. I just LUV looking at everyones' blogs, what they are doing, what they have to say, etc. If you can, take the time to visit some of them too:) Hope ya'll have a Great Evening! Take care till the next time...Toodles...:)

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