Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hello Again Everyone:)

Well, here it is Saturday & I just do not feel like doing anything. I have plenty to do, but it has been cloudy, rainy & the setting is just not right to be takin pics of items that will be listed for sale by me. I am not quite ready to start selling is coming soon:) But, wanted to try to get things in order before I post. Deciding what items to start wth 1st, getting pics done & storing them, which site to sell it at, etc. You get the picture, right? Thanks:) Hope everyone has been enjoying their Saturday & that the rest of the weekend will be all that you want it to be. Take care everyone & thanks for stopping by to visit, peek in, take a look, catch up, be nosey:) and etc. I've enjoyed it!:-} My friend has informed me that my name is starting to show up with some of the search engines & that I am thankful for:) Thanks for bearing with me all, and hanging in there as we have many more ventures to cover together. Till the next time...Have a Great Weekend!

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