Thursday, August 13, 2009

QUICK Note Ya'll

Just a quick note to all of you as I am looking my blog over & reading everything. I knew this would happen, that I would forget something, but here is a correction to the 1st post I did. I noted to you the places I sell items at & right now I have been active with Ebay. I noted other places which I have not posted to yet, but have signed up to them & considering selling there also. Just waitin on a few more supplies & my postal scale that was sent in for repair. I am signed up with Bonanzle, Etsy & I have also signed on with eCrater too--Just not selling at these places quite yet. Ebay is not quite as fun as it use to be, and I like a relaxed atmosphere when I shop, sell & feel others should have the same feeling too:) Almost forgot again:) I am also listed on Twitter & trying my hand at that too. Just a small person trying to do something with her spare time, make a lil money if I can on the side, learning from others & willing to share with others, and of course enjoying the company of many friends made along the way!:)

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