Monday, August 24, 2009

***It's Monday!!:)***

Hello Everyone & I hope ya'll had a Great Weekend! Well, here it is Monday, and I know everyone is usually draggin by then. But, have you ever thought about it really tho? Does anyone ever say Happy Monday?:) I know, I know:) Ok, anyway, I spent time with family this weekend, goin thru a few things, bringing them out, wipin them down, and now need to start picturing & storing those pics to get ready to start posting things to sell. In some of the inventory I have I found these 2 fairy lights. Aren't they just gorgeous?! Course, I like blue glassware. It is 1 of my favorites. The bigger darker fairy light pictured is 1 like from Indiana Glass & the smaller soft blue fairy light is a Fenton pc. The 1st set of pics got kind of blury..UGH! Sorry about that:( I did show the pcs together, 1 with a candle in it to show the see thru & beautiful shine the pc has & then the pcs separated too. Keep in mind there is always more than 1 possibility wth these adorable pcs too:) Either together, separately wth the candle, the bottom used for candy dish, to hold your lil trinkets, etc. Depending what you do can set the mood for different times too:) Hope you are getting ideas from this & I will keep ya'll posted when they are available for sale. Till the next time, have a Great Monday:) Take care!

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