Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hump Day!:-)

Hello Everyone who stops by to visit:) Today is 'Hump Day' Wednesday & what a day so far! Watched our son's 1st car be towed away to the junk yard:) It rained lil bit this mornin. Been havin major computer problems! Need a new computer which I kept pushin off. So...before I will really start sellin anything I would really like to get a new computer 1st so there would be no delays during that time. Cleaned out a few more things in computer/office room to get ready for boxes, product, shipping supplies, etc. I found a few more things to sell than what I thought I had to start back up again:-) The other day I had gone back to look at some beautiful white wood shutters that was sticking in my mind. It looks like someone had used them as swinging doors in their home. I really really thought about it, but after seein them again decided against it. Just wouldn't work for what I was thinkin. Oh, well, wasn't meant to be & there will always be somethin else out there for me, right?:) Well, just tryin to do a lil catch up while computer is working & wanted to make a note here too. Hope everyone is havin a Great Week & that you are finding all your treasures thru your searches. Take care everyone & Have a Great Week!:)

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