Friday, August 21, 2009

~*~ TGIF ~*~

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!:) It has been cloudy, rainy, and sunny here too. Great day to get some things done. So, in the basement I was bringing up a few boxes & along with a couple of bags, some shoes & a small desk I loaded them into the Tahoe & went to town to donate to a place where everyone takes items that they no longer need/want. Now, if I could just make a few more trips like this I would feel really really good about downsizing, and cleaning around here. Not to discourage, it is coming slowly for me. I did get a few items dusted off I pulled from a shelf of items that I intend to sell on the internet.

The pictures you are viewing are of 2 sets of salt & pepper shakers. The stone looking ones are the Mikasas set...I luv how this brand holds up thru time. The other set came from a dish set that I have of some limoges. Although these aren't marked limoges, they sure do look like the set that I got them with:) HMM! Just luv them colors! Along with this same design you will see a creamer...still lookin to see if I can find the sugar bowl, and also a gravy boat. It is sooo hard to let some things go. Then, you will see 2 primitive lookin pcs that I had gotten from an auction a few yrs ago of a dear friend who was a collector of all collectors! Sure do miss her. These 2 pcs I did take pics to show the front view & back view of the pcs. Anyway, I have NOT posted these anywhere yet & still tryin to decide if it will be Ebay, Bonanzle or eCrater. When I do post them I will make sure to let ya'll know where they are at, ok? I just wanted to share some of the pcs that I sell. **I deeply apologize to all of you, due to some computer cliche this did not get published as I had intended:( Sorry about that**

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