Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Policies Page For LilacsNDreams Has Moved Follow Me

Welcome to my policies page for LilacsNDreams blog. This is a short announcement to let everyone know that I have Moved! LilacsNDreams has a new blog! Would appreciate it if you would come on over to visit me with the new place, and give me a follow there. Still a working progress, but much of it is done, just some tweeking being done, minor changes, and some of the blog looks the same as over here too. Few changes, but the main landing page is the same to help ease everyone into this move. 

I didn't want to do it, never thought I would be doing this, but do to some issues that took place I was locked out of here for a week with no guarantees of getting this reinstated. Sorry, couldn't sit and wait around...started a new blog. So far, so good. 

So, hop on over to visit with me by clicking on LilacsNDreams OR here is the new addy for it too

IF you would happen to click on one of the tab links at the top, it should bring you over to one of the new pages on my new blog too. IF I did everything correctly, and it works as I intend it to. Hey, thanks so much for understanding with this, and being patient during this time. I appreciate you all for it. Take care, and have a wonderful day everyone!:)

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