Friday, May 4, 2012

Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza Changes by End of Year

Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza Changes by End of Year, have you heard?

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Always a pleasure to see you dropping by. For those who sell vintage, and antiques you know about the market place called Ruby Lane. At some point they had made a sister site which is called Ruby Plaza where you could sell your items of new, and not vintage. There are many sellers who were enjoying having both sites to work with, and sell with too. Well, it is now being announced that Ruby Lane is going to be closing it's sister site of Ruby Plaza. The site will still be active, sellers can still sell there, the sellers there are also given some options for moving their items into Ruby Lane, and for those who sell is best to see this detailed information from the site so that during the process of discussing this there is no misinterpretation of what the rules, and changes are for you. 

Like any other site when this happens you have questions of what do you do now? Where do I put my items that are not considered vintage, some are new, and some are thrift store finds too. One place I am going to suggest watching different sellers with is at the Social Network of Vintage Rising. This site is a sister site to the Vintage Village, and with the announcement of Ruby Plaza closing Lora the site owner, and administrator of the Villages had an idea, and has gone to work with it too. Vintage Rising started out as a social network where others could share about their items handmade, altered, vintage. Items that had been repurposed, and upcycled using vintage components of sorts. With this new announcement Lora is adding more to this site. Sellers that are members there will now be able to show their items from Thrift Store Finds also. Items of new, gently used, and things you would find in Thrift Stores. On the site this is will be called Thrift Store Alley. How neat of an idea this is too! Here you contact the seller themselves about purchasing the item of interest, and they will direct you how to pay by either sending you an invoice directly, or some may choose to have you purchase through a venue of choice they have chosen too. 

Things are being worked on with the site, and Lora is moving fast to get things accomplished for sellers already there to use, but I would suggest keeping an eye on this place for purchases of interest within the categories of Thrift Store Finds. How fun is that going to be, and how convenient by doing this too...don't you think? I am excited myself to have another place that I can show some of the items I have to offer without worrying about the venues of choice that would, or would not allow such items to be offered for sale. 

Keep in mind that many still use ebay, and complain of the fees, and the changes they keep having too. There is also ecrater where people can offer payments through paypal, or google checkout. Some are using Facebook, and using yardsellr through there too. I have also looked at this place too since I am still working on downsizing my inventory myself:)

Hope this bit of information can be of help to some of you who do online sales. At least if you did not know about it you do now, and are able to visit the sites to find out more about all of this too. Keep in mind there are still many venues out there that are still be used too. Along with that some are using their blogs to sell with....see something you like, contact me, and I will bill you directly through paypal, google checkout, or amazon payments myself:) Some people also have their own websites too. Whatever the case is there are many online sellers of many things to be offered to You. 

Hey, thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone. As always I enjoy the visits, the comments, and everything that others share too. Ya'll take care, and see you again real soon. Have a super weekend!:)


  1. I really appreciate your post. I can learn so very much when I don't have the time to do all of the research. Thank you for sharing. I am always looking at other places to get people to look at what I do. Have a great weekend. Your Missouri Friend.

  2. My Sweet Missouri friend...thank you so much for the encouragment!:) I love writing, and sharing, but sometimes wonder if it is the right subject, will it be good enough for today, and....I don't want to make it all business either. That can be boring too!:)...That is why I have the separate tabs at the top of my Page to be visited...breaking it down.

    Shirley, again thank you sooo very much!:) I always enjoy having you visit, and of course I enjoy roaming through your place too:) Take care my Missouri Friend, and have a super weekend!:)



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