Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lilacs Has a New Blog Please Follow Me There

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! Stopping by this blog to keep you all updated as things are might find them a bit confusing....but I am working as fast as I can to change it all out. So, please bear with me if you will.  Thanks so much!:)

First of all, if you landed on this blog I am assuming it was from a clickable link that brought you here, or you used the blog addy of I want to let you know right away that due to circumstances that happened on May 7th...I had started a new blog. You can find that one at OR use also.  Not knowing if this blog would be reinstated, or not...I couldn't take that chance. So, I jumped on it right away, and spent all day working with this, and have been doing so off, and on since that day too. When you land on the new blog it looks very much like this one...some of the pages have changed a bit, but the first page, the landing page I kept very much like this one so that everyone would know they are coming to the right person....LilacsNDreams. Of course I kept the name on both blogs...but with the dates of things, and the amount of followers I am hoping you will know for sure that you have landed on the new blog. 

Now, once you land on this page...since I am not computer literate, and not sure enough of myself to take the step to do the 301 redirect or the redirect I also found with google for blogger also. So, the next thing I have been doing is all the tabs you are seeing at the top of this page, or if you land on other pages by chance for this blog....when you click those tabs at the top they are going to shoot you over to the new blog, and the new pages I have there. 

Once you land on those pages, or the main page of LilacsNDreams....if you will...please click on the follow me button there, and let's do this again. I really truly apologize for the inconvenience of this, and hope this is making sense of what I am shortly saying too. Hopefully soon this will be understandable, and all those that are following will get to the right destination. Till then I have to keep this blog going to help move things over, and get them all into one place before I can consider closing this blog. 

So, if you have any questions, please hop over to the new Blog by clicking on LilacsNDreams, or to go to please. Thank you so very much for understanding this all, and bearing with me during this time. I wish you all well, and to have a wonderful day!:) See ya at the new place! 

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