Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year Bloggers Blogland Website Visitors

Happy New Year Bloggers, Blogland, Website Visitors! 

Welcome to LilacsNDreams, and glad to have you here always. Well, did you all survive Christmas? I know some still celebrate after the day too. Families, Friends, Schedules, and trying to fit everyone in to have time with all. Festivities, and the rush of have everything done. Work so hard for that big day, and like that it goes too, doesn't it? 

End of the year, and trying to get things in order here. Going through files to delete what is no longer needed. Taking products from one store, and adding to another store to be offered for those to buy. Removing maybe a few pieces of inventory, marking the books with all the changes, and prepping for the new year. I still have some products that have been completed that I have not listed yet for those to see, and buy. I still have a few things to complete that I would like to add small items with them, or show for decoration to help with some of those creative ideas too.  Make sure to visit LilacsNDreams at Artfire, and to also visit LilacsNDreams at Ecrater. Between the 2 I will be offereing vintage, collectibles, repurposed, upcycled, altered, and so on. I do still have some things that are listed with LilacsNDreams at Etsy. In fact I made my first purchase of an item from Etsy couple of days ago too. At Etsy I have some vintage pieces listed along with a few of my repurposed items as well. Trying not to keep all the eggs in one basket, but yet not too far spread out that I cannot give the proper attention to the stores, and customers too.

So, now that Christmas is over I hope to try, and work on some of that the next few days, and nights. Hopefully I get something accomplished for this weekend to start offering in the stores. Make sure to visit LilacsNDreams to keep updated on what I am offering, and to make sure you check my LilacsNDreams Store tab at the top. In my store I show pictures, and links to visit to see items being offered. Not only do I show my own products, but I have started showing products of other sellers being offered, and will continue this too.

Hoping everyone had a sweet Christmas, and it was all you wanted it to be. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year with much success, sales, and everything wished for. Take care, and see you again soon everyone. 


  1. Hello Qadirah....Thank you for visiting with my blog, and for your sweet compliment. Take care, and visit as often as you wish.



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