Monday, January 2, 2012

A Year in Review in Blogland Bloggers Websites Market Places

A Year in Review in Blogland Bloggers Websites Market Places, and etc. 

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Always glad to have you stop by. Make sure you say Hi so I know to come visit you as well, okay?

As usual a slow day, should be doing this, should be doing that, and here I am at the computer and doing things in between my internet roaming. As I am doing this I was thinking about how all of us each have reflections of some kind of what the year was for us, what it was all about, and of course what we would like to see with this New Year. Many set goals, make plans, and will set forth things to do for the year. Me? I don't really do that anymore. When the end of the year comes I don't want to be sad, disappointed in me, or upset because I did not achieve everything. Life happens sometimes. I like to feel good, and be happy about the New Year, and accept it openly and ready for good things to come. 

I have been traveling around Blogland a little bit today, and have seen many showing their beautiful and great projects that were done for 2011. There have been many accomplishments, and many things shared by everyone. Made me think, and reflect a little bit on what I had done. I do not have Big projects to show you all. I guess I can say small things were completed with reading things on the internet, learning, becoming a little bit more knowledgable with some things, many notes taken, thrifting, junking, repurposing, collecting, and just roaming and taking in things from everyone else. Course now and then a little dream, making some notes with those dreams for the next year to come, and so on.

I can say that one of my accomplishments this year has been with my Blog. I have enjoyed working with it, changing things, learning to add things like pages, how to do my own background, making my banners and own buttons, and just learning some things with it too. I have also enjoyed sharing things with all of you that I myself know, have learned, heard from over here, and heard from over there. Just sharing A lil bit here, and a lil bit there, and I have enjoyed it all! I love seeing everyone stop by, leaving me a note, sending me an email, visiting and reading all of your posts, and I want to Thank You for sharing with Me...LilacsNDreams.

As we start this new year I want to wish you all the very very best in 2012. May it be all that you wish it to be. May you all just be "Happy to Be" Remember to "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do" Jalal Ad-din Rumi

                              * Simplify * Dream * Create *


  1. Good morning and Happy New Year. Just stopping by to read your latest post. I always welcome your advice and insights to blogging. I am working to make mines better. Stop by sometimes.


  2. Thank You aMorita-Sa!:) Thank you for the compliment...great way to start my year off!:) I love the holidays, but I seem to play catch many afterwords too.

    I did a bit of research, made some notes, and getting ready for another posting...but did not get it done before the weekend. Trying to do too many things here lately with dealing with all the work around the house, contractors in and out, plumber here and then coming back for few days, clearing rooms to make room for work, and then once they get all that done...I get to paint one room with new walls and closet.

    Have my hands full...just a lil bit!:) Thanks again for visiting, and your kind words of encouragement aMorita-Sa. Take care!:)



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