Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pinterest the Virtual Pinboard That is Addictive

Pinterest the Virtual Pinboard That is Addictive!

Welcome to LilacsNDreams, and always glad to see you here. Enjoy the visits, and remember..don't forget to say Hi so I can come visit with you too!

Pinterest, what is it? What do you do? Oh, another place. Is it worth being involved? Many questions, and hopefully I can give you a few ideas of what it is, and then let you decide about it. 

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard that is done online, and allows you to organize and share things that you find on the web with everyone. You just add a Pin It button in your address bar, and when you see something you like or want to share, click the Pin It button, and take it from there. Many people will use the pin boards to find recipes...and there are many good ones out there. Also, to find things you like with home decor, vintage items, DIY items, and just whatever your interests are. Best of all, you can browse pinboards of other people to see what they are sharing, and to discover some new and intriguing ideas by many other people. 

What can you do with Pinterest? You could redecorate your home with different pins that you collect, and get ideas from all of them. Some like to use Pinterest to help plan their weddings for themselves, or for family members and friends too. People like to use Pinterest so that they can share their style with others who might have some of the same likes, and interests too. This is a great way to save inspirations that you might find along the way. As mentioned earlier, excellent way to get some really yummy recipes too!

Pinterest is a way for everyone in the world to connect with things that they find of interest. Shared tastes, and interests is bringing many pins to the site every week. 

To get started with Pinterest you need to request an invite. Doesn't take long, and you will have a response with your acceptance into Pinterest. Once you have access to setting things up you can start making boards for yourself. Name them whatever you want, be creative, and have fun with it too. The pins that you add to the boards are credited back to the people/place that you got the pictures from...which is good for many people. One important thing....Pinterest asks that you not use the sight as a self promoting tool. It is ok to pin things you are proud of, that you have, but not to overload in self promoting is requested of them.

Stop by to see my Pinterest Boards sometime. I either am adding boards, or sometimes will change the name of the boards too. It sure is fun, and I get to see different things, meet different people, and get some wonderful ideas of things too!

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and hope you enjoyed your visit! If you haven't visited with Pinterest yet, make sure you get by there to give it a look. Take care everyone, and see you again soon. 

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