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Buying Handmade Homemade Hand Altered Online and Local

Buying Handmade Homemade Hand Altered Online and Local. 

Hello everyone, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Glad to have you here, and that you stopped by. Thought I was ready with my topic, but I did a little bit more research, and it is amazing what everyone says, trying to find definitions to help with the meanings of words, and etc. 

Why buy Handmade Homemade? After researching a bit I will use both of these words. Handmade is considered made, or prepared by hand rather than by machine. Made by hand, or a hand process, and made by people using their hands. Individual pieces, or materials that compromise a finished item. Paint, wire, pieces combined to create a final item. Projects with a lot of hand work.

Hand Altered seem to have a little bit more suggested for it. Glued, nailed, screwed, sewn, whittled, affixed, stapled, embroidered, mixed, inscribed, painted, drawn, photographed, etc. Any alteration, or embellishment to an item by hand, or by machine controlled by hand, or via traditional art or craft method. Hand Altered is also referred to as hand embellished, or hand assembled.

Homemade can be referred to pieces that are repurposed. I also found made, or prepared in the home, made by oneself, and crudely or simply made. Creative touches, quality supplies, ingredients.

So, why buy pieces like this?

1) Find something unique. You are not wearing what everyone else is wearing. If maybe you like to keep up with the trends you can fix it up with a one of a kind accent piece. 

2) Super Craftsmanship. Handmade items get individual care, special attention, focused with details, quality control, and etc. Also, there is no assembly line with unskilled workers. 

3) Putting money into good hands. When you pay an artist, or craftsman for their work, they are actually getting the profit from it. You are not paying a CEO of a major company, their over head, and so on. You can also improve the economy, and make a difference by shopping this way with Handmade, Homemade, and Hand Altered.

4) Better Customer Service. Oh, yeah! That is something we all really love to have. Buying this way you get individual attention from the Seller. When you receive your products you might have a hand written note, thank yous, and sometimes some will give a freebie tucked with your item too. If you have a problem with some kind of mix up, lost or damaged in shipping, maybe item received was faulty, it is almost always taken care of effectively. Buying this way you will have a better chance with a refund, replacement, or sometimes a return too. These sort of issues though happen less frequently due to the care, and the concern Sellers strive for in having Happy Customers. 

5) End Slavery. I am not saying this in a bad way, or no punt intended with this please. What I am referring to is buying this way you are not supporting industries of sweatshops, child labor, and some of the different industries like those in China.  People are not factories.

6) Go Green. Smaller scale operations will produce less waste, use recycled materials, found objects, industrial salvage pieces, etc. All items that could have gone to the landfills, but with these techniques of Sellers they are spared and used. 

7) Get Custom Items and Alterations. It's great having things made just for you. It's a pleasure to receive one of a king items, and maybe to help complete a vision you might have of something not out there yet. Also, if you don't have the skill to make it yourself, there is someone out there who does. 

8) Make Somebody's Dream Come True. Many of us dream about quitting the day job, becoming your own boss, and doing what you love to do all day, and everyday. Whether it is for you, or helping someone else with this, it is very inspiring.

               "Do What You Love, and the World Will Follow . . . ."

There are many categories that fall under these topics I have mentioned. Jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decor, housewares, vintage, used, soaps, lotions, bath products, but they all have something in common. Start from scratch, or connect things or pieces making something for you. 

So, there you have what I have been reading about, and researched a little bit for this. There are some wonderful sellers out there doing all kinds of work. They take much pride in what they do, and like many others work very hard at what they do to make their items to be offered to you. When shopping please don't forget about them, and I would suggest if you have not already bought something like this . . . give it a try. You will be very surprised at what you get, and will want more. It's addictive!:) Artfire is one of the market places online that has sellers selling such items. Another place to also visit would be with Etsy as they are offering the same things within their market place too.

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and hope you all enjoyed it. Take care, and see you again soon.


  1. This is a perfect post and so true. Buying products created in these ways is better for everyone. The creators and the buyers. Thank you for sharing and the reminder how special this is.

    Thank you for stopping by and hope your first day of our new month is off to a great start.

    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  2. Thanks so much again Marie for the visit, and your kind words. Day has gone well today for the first of the mth...had an issue earlier with my Shoppe pg to my blog...my good friend made me aware of it. But, found the problem, and it is all better now...whew!

    Thanks again Marie! Take care, and have a super week!:)



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