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Picnik Announces Closure Petition to Stop This With Google

Picnik Announces Closure Petition to Stop This With Google!

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Checking my emails today, and I got a very sad announcement. I know we all have our preferences for photo editing programs, and softwares that we use. I myself, for a very long time now, have used Picnik. It was always free, did not have to sign in to use it, could do simple editing without having to first understand the software program, and it was just so easy to use it. They do have a premium fee that could be paid for you to get more tools to use of course. I know of many people who do photography that would use this program as some of the editing tools, and have paid fees too. So, this announcement is quite disturbing to receive. They are refunding all fees back to everyone...even if you only have 1 day left with the premium they still intend to refund the full fee. That is nice, but still does not fix the issue at hand. Now where do I...along with many others go? What program could work in place of this with such an easy, no complications, no hassles, and was actually enjoyable to use because of its ease?

I remember when Google took over Picnik, and it was scarey to see what changes would come. Things still went along smoothly with no hitches. Now, everything is being converted to Google+, you are being referred to that service, and etc. I have clicked the link to take me there to use the Google+ services, check it out, see if I can adapt to it, and actually really get no where with it. I am assuming it is Picasa they have you using? I don't know, it is not telling me much, or taking me anywhere with the announcement of this change. That is Google, right? I enjoy Google+, have adapted with it well, but do not consider them a photo editing program for me to us, and feel like Google+ is being pushed at you more now too. So very very sad. I have to apologize for this being so long today, but I wanted to copy the announcement from my email to you. Actually, I wanted to put the widget here for the petition to sign, and try to stop this....but the google blog is not working fully for me to do this...imagine that, right? So, please, give it a read below, and if you will....please sign the petition to this as well. Thanks so much everyone! I hope ya'll have a super weekend with lots of fun, enjoyment, and of course as I always ask....Please be safe!:) Till the next time everyone....see you soon!:)

Official Announcement: Picnik is closing

Since joining Google in 2010, we have been creating editing magic in Google 
products while continuing to keep Picnik awesome. But now we get to focus 
on even awesomer things. Picnik will be closing on April 19, 2012. 

Your photos liberated
Amazing photos are created in Picnik, so we have launched a new 
feature, Picnik Takeout, that easily downloads your photos to your desktop 
in convenient zip files. You may also elect to copy your photos to Google+ 
where you can store and share your creations. You may request your 
photos at any time and use this handy tool as many times as you like 
until our closing date of April 19, 2012. Learn more.

Premium Refunds
To our primo Picnik Premium members, we'll begin processing a full 
refund of your current membership fee within a week of this announcement. 
By "in full" we mean the whole darn thing. Yep, this means even if you 
are on your very last day of an annual membership, we will refund you 
the entire $24.95. Just because we want to say thanks.
Now the Good News - Free Premium for ALL!
To express our gratitude for your support over the past 5 years, Picnik Premium 
is free for everyone! Use Picnik in all of its premium glory, for free, from 
now until our actual closing day. Touch-up, Textures, Advanced, and more are 
all free for you to use!
We have been incredibly proud of building a product that is used and 
eloved by so many of you. We continue to be amazed and humbled by
the photos you create and we are immensely grateful for all of your support, 
creativity, and passion.
We are excited by the photo-editing fun we have already brought to 
Google products, like Google+, where you can find many of your favorite 
Picnik effects in Creative Kit. We encourage you to visit Google+ 
and give it a whirl.
Please visit the Help Hub for more information on our wind down, and 
check the Picnik blog for updated information on our April closure.
It's been awesome,

Team Picnik

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  1. Hi there,

    My name's Jenn. I work with a team of former Picnikers. Thanks for spreading the Picnik love! I just wanted to give you a heads up about PicMonkey, it's an exciting new photo editor that's sure to fill the hole Picnik is leaving in your heart. We're not off the ground yet, but will be soon!

    Sign up at and we'll keep you posted on launching. And shoot me an email if you have questions!

    Happy blogging!


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