Friday, January 27, 2012

LilacsNDreams Vintage Collectibles Repurposed Upcycled Altered

LilacsNDreams Vintage Collectibles Repurposed Upcycled Altered Informational, and sharing Blog

Welcome to LilacsNDreams, and as always glad to have you visiting with me! I apologize to everyone in blogland, this has been one of them off weeks for me. I have slowly been working on things to list in my stores, and to show with my page here too. But, by the time the day passes with other things I have been dealing with I seem to have lost a little of my spit, and fire that keeps me going at night. Hopefully this weekend I get things moving a little bit more again...that is a goal I am setting for me to do.

It is almost 3 a.m. my time, and I am going to finish my late night with this blog to start your weekend. I have a renewal that is due soon with one of my domains that I have. I honestly have never really liked the domain using that .co. Sorry, but to me it is too close to the .com, and I sometimes feel it is confusing. Don't you think? So, this week I have thought about things, made some notes, and finally decided it was time to do it. Gonna make a few minor changes, or adjustments if you will. Gonna see if maybe I can get things rolling a bit more for me with the changes, and have it work to my advantage. 

You will notice at the top of this page the tabs I have for other pages that come from this blog. Of course my 2 main pages are first this main blog page of LilacsNDreams for ya'll to come to, and that you are now visiting. My other one is what I am now calling LilacsNDreams Shoppe page. From this main page it is your choice if you wish to read more by visiting those pages. Also, remember you can always leave comments, and say Hi to me when visiting any of my pages so that I can come visit you too:) Ok, the minor change I have made, (if you have visited the page before you will see the change made) is with my other LilacsNDreams page which is now called LilacsNDreams Shoppe. If you can remember it was LilacsNDreams Store. Sorry, besides the change of the domain with the .co I did, using that 'store' word was just not jiving with me. Just felt a little blah for me. So, the page  is now called LilacsNDreams Shoppe. I also have a new blog address for that page which is AND the new domain which should now be working is

With this Shoppe/Store page I had the .net domain directed to it. But, again, a minor change I have made:) I will be dropping the .co for my website, and directing my .net to my website instead. Makes more sense to me, and hopefully not so confusing with a more well known domain used for the website. 

Ok, I honestly hope this all makes sense with my babbling everyone....Please forgive me. It is getting late, and I know I love to talk, but I need to give it a rest for the night too. Thanks so much again for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Make sure to say Hi so that I can come visit with you too. Hey, comments are also welcome here too!:) Take care everyone, and see you again soon!:)



  1. You are working so hard. You are bound to be successful.

  2. Thank You so much CraftsofthePast!....I LOVE that name too! This has been one of my stronger areas of working, and I hope to do more with it as time goes along...It all takes time, but with this I am seeing changes, and like the views with comments I get too:)

    Have a wonderful week ahead here! Take care.



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