Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Repurposed Dressers for Home and Organizing

Repurposed Dressers for Home and Organizing. Remember that Everything Old can be New Again!

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! As always glad to see you here. Besides selling online I do a lot of roaming of the internet looking at things, getting ideas, seeing what others are doing, and just LOVE some of the things I see, don't you?! For a very long time now I have been enjoying viewing how things are repurposed, and upcycled. So many things out there, so many things being done, so many creative people, and it is wonderful seeing how everything old becomes new again! 

For a couple of weeks now I have really enjoyed pictures being shared by many on their blogs, websites, pinterest, and so on. Repurposing dressers is sooo neat! Many things that can be done with them. Like anything else...don't throw it away because there is always a way to reimagine it, and find another use. I have seen dressers repurposed, and upcycled for not only in the bedrooms, but also for the kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms, entry ways, for outside with gardens, and so on. Some will take the drawers out from the dressers and use them as shelves on the floor and walls, wall mounts, under bed storage, and for many organizational things too. 

I have seen some dressers, and desks too repurposed into a bathroom vanity. Oh, so neat too! Some have been made into a desk, baby changing tables, planter boxes or containers for the garden, labeled basket storages, a kitchen island, a bench in the entry way, television consoles, and even a place to organize with the kitty litter box containers and supplies too. It's amazing what creative minds can do, and knowing that many of the pieces are from our homes, or things that maybe someone is throwing out too. Don't forget to check your thrift stores, and second hand stores for dressers to have for your re-dos. Sometimes with the condition of them you can get them pretty inexpensive. Then, depending on the condition and what you want done you do a little bit of sanding....and sometimes no sanding I have seen done too. Strip varnish, add some varnish, paint, add tile tops to them, maybe do some mod podge with some adorable paper, maps, materials, and you have something old that is new again. 

 Here is a dresser that was repurposed as an island, or a stand in the kitchen. Pretty neat huh? And, who would have guessed you could do that, right? This is from

This one became a bathroom vanity, and is shown by I have seen some that used the raised, or table top type sinks too. it!
Here is showing how you can use the top drawers on your walls for wall decor. I have seen some that use them as shelves for maybe books, and some drawers have been cut and attached to the walls that you could see the front of the drawers giving it a bit more character too. This picture is something that I found on that came from

Here is yet another repurposing idea from MakinItHappen found on Great way to organize things for the craft room, baby room, and any room in the home. If I remember correctly the top done on this was done with some tile to add to the decor of the dresser too.

There is so much more out there to be seen with the repurposing, and upcycling of dressers. When you can visit to see more, visit the places noted with the pictures, and you can even Google it for Repurpose Dressers to see more too. 

This is definitely something for me to consider to help with some of my organizing projects I have in mind....when the house is back into order again, and the contractors aren't coming in and out:) Hope ya'll enjoyed this, and thanks again for visiting. You are always welcome to share ideas with everyone here, make a comment, and of course....don't forget to say Hi too!:) Thanks for stopping by, and see you again soon.


  1. Hi Lilacs, So nice to meet you and thank you for your message through linkedin and for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed visiting here too and became a new follower.

    Yes, I am all about repurposing furniture and have sold many a piece when in a brick and morter shop. I also enjoyed your post below as well about organization. Something I love to be and work on it all the time!!! Especially in my studio.
    Going to continue to visit your sites. Thank you for the kind note and many blessings for a special Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.
    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  2. Thanks so much for the visit here Celestina Marie! Glad to see you, and am honored you visited with me today.

    Your work is gorgeous, you make it look so easy, and I fell in love with all you do....some day maybe I can do 1/2 of what you do:) I would recommend visiting you to others as well.

    I have plans for things I want to do, paint, repurpose, and all of that. I am excited! Will see what the next few months hold for me to know how far I can get with all of it, and when I can actually work on things too.

    Thanks again for the visit, and your kind encouraging words as well. Take care, have a super weekend, and MERRY CHRISTAMS!



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