Thursday, December 1, 2011

Anchor Hocking Forest Green Glass Ruffled Rim Vase

Anchor Hocking Forest Green Glass Ruffled Rim Vase 1950 to 1957. Welcome to LilacsNDreams, and always happy to see you here! 

The Hocking Glass Company had been started in 1905 by an Isaac J. Collins. Isaac had been named after the Hocking River which was near Lancaster, Ohio. That location had previously been a carbon company. When Mr. Collins purchased this property, the building at that time was black with soot which had been from the previous owners. The locals then would call the Glass Plant the "Black Cat". Unfortunately, the Black Cat was destroyed by a fire in 1924. A new plant had then been built, and Hocking had continued on. 

The Forest Green had been manufactured by Anchor Hocking from the time of 1950 to 1957. The vase you are seeing is one of four from this Green Glass Line. 

The vase is about 3 1/2 inches tall, has an adorable ruffled rim, and then the wide or expanded body. Many uses for these pieces, they have a great transparent green color, use as a mini vase with some flowers, set on your window seals, use in table arrangements, set by themselves in places that fit with your home decor, and for those who like to repurpose and upcycle there are uses for it too. If you will visit my post prior to this one, you will see how I am showing this with a Repurposed Glass Cloche that was done by Me. Watch my LilacsNDreams Artfire store for this vintage piece accompanying the glass cloche

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