Thursday, December 22, 2011

Facebook Social Media and the New Timeline

Facebook Social Media and New Timeline. 

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Always glad to have you stopping by to visit with me. How many of you Facebook, use Facebook, have a Fan/Business Page, and so on? There are some people who do not use Facebook, have no desire to, and get along perfectly fine without too. But, for those of you who do use Facebook, spend much time there...sometimes too much, right?:) What do you think of the new Timeline that is coming out? 

Yes, Facebook has yet another change that is, or will soon be taking place as well. They are calling it Timeline. This was being announced back in September, and some were able to sign up, and play around with it then. Since then there have been more who have been able to visit their Timeline, edit with it, play with it a bit, and so on. Once you opt into the new Timeline, your profile page is never going to be the same. This new Timeline reminds me of a diary. With it you will be able to dig back to the time of when you first started with facebook, see things you had noted and posted to everyone, and it attempts to use the data already inside of facebook sort of like a digital scrapbook. 

Once you start the Timeline you will have up to 7 days to play with it, edit it, change this, delete that, and so on. You can then click the button to publish it, or it will automatically publish within the 7 days for you. 

Your cover photo will stand out with this. It will draw attention as it will stretch across the page width of facebook. Your facebook profile photo will then become a smaller square. No new information is shared. Facebook is bringing back the old posts. It has been said that the privacy set with them old posts will still be there as well. If it is to be shared with friends only, it will be that way. The Timeline will try to determine which of your posts were the most read, liked, commented with and expand those for you. If you have a post that you want to bring up, and has not been expanded you will also be able to expand it as well. If there maybe are some posts you want no one else to see, you can make it for "your eyes only" as well. 

Now, how does everyone feel about this? MANY mixed emotions, and thoughts have been shared. There are some who are loving it, enjoying playing with it, and so on. There are others who have dealt with enough changes, and do not want to have another one. Also, they are not in favor of this change, and wish that there was the option to opt out of it too. My understanding is that everyone will eventually have this Timeline, that it will be added. If I read correctly it is to be coming out of beta on December 22,

So, when visiting Facebook if you have not already had your offer it is coming for the Timeline. See what others have to say about it, and play with it yourself too. You will either like it, not like it, or it will grow on you like any other new change does. Sorry, I was not really impressed with it as it is just another page to me. Another confusion to deal with, and will be an adjustment again. Time will tell with this for me, and for many others as well. As one person did comment this was all the more reason they were going over to Google+.

Thanks for visiting LilacsNDreams! I wish you all well, and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!! Take care, have fun, enjoy, and be safe everyone. See you when you stop by again. 


  1. I have seen the new Facebook Timeline on some of my friend's pages, and I try to navigate it, but find it too confusing. I think it is a bit overwhelming and a big clutter actually. I do not like the photos size. It is just too huge. I have tried quitting Facebook twice, but I ended up returning because of my business page. Merry Christmas, Kim!

  2. C. Agatha...I am finding it a bit confusing. I have not spent a whole lot of time with it as I am not sure I like the idea of ALL old posts being viewed again, just doesn't feel like least the old one I use to enjoy visiting & meeting people with, and just not sure of it yet.

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and thanks for visiting. Wishing you a Happy New Year!:)


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