Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Social Medias Facebook Google+ Ning Groups

Social Medias Facebook Google+ Ning Groups, and so on. Which ones do you use if any?

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Always glad to see you visit with me. Social Medias, and their uses. Social Medias, and how many of you use them. Are they beneficial to us, or are they just another thing to spend time with, and fill our days. Actually, Social Media is another good thing for us as Sellers to use, and be involved with too. Did you know that the more you are involved with a place, and the more others get involved, it truly does help the ranking for that site? Also, Google and your search engines will see "activity" happening, and they will go in to check it out, and see if it is time to place it with page rankings as well too. 

I belong to a few Social Medias myself, and I do enjoy them. Not only do they help my rankings with different things, but I get to meet other people selling from the same venues I use, meet others with some of the same interests I have, learn from what others share, offer what I know to others, share pictures of what you sell and maybe projects you are working on too. Generally if there is a question, or a problem with something I can go to one of the sites I belong to for me to read about it, or ask about it as well. Everyone is great in responding back, sharing, and most of all helping too.

At one time I did belong with too many sites, and I had to take time one day, and weigh my options, views, feelings, and remove myself from a few of them. Not that I don't like some of them, but I needed to find a way to better organize my time spent with them, and spend more time with those I seem to be getting more benefit from as well. Some of this is visible when I go to Google Searches. I just go there, and put in my business name of LilacsNDreams, and watch the pages that come up. Once that happens I will start looking through those listings to see what places is helping my name become visible on the internet. Remember, each time you check with search engines rankings for different things can change, what is on page 1 could later be on page 2, and so on. But, some of the places I have learned pretty much where they are staying at, and have noted this so I know where to focus some of my energy. 

The Vintage Village has been a good one for me. Not only does Lora have the Vintage Village that keeps growing with members, but she has also started a sister site to it which is called Vintage Rising. Then there is ESN for Ecrater Store members, and from there you can go to Online Sellers. Another place for some of the crafters, and repurposers to collect at is called Creating the Hive. Some of the other places I also like to associate myself with is of course the big one Facebook, but I have also found I am enjoying the new Google+ too. There is Twitter which I do not sign into much, but do have things being posted there that have been set up from different places as well. So, while I post something at one place, it is not only seen there, but with twitter as well. Along with this one I also am signed with LinkedIn. Another place that is showing up on Google Searches I have noticed when researching with different pieces is Pinterest. That place is very addictive, and when you see something you like that you would like to share with others you "pin it", save it to one of the "albums" you have set at Pinterest, and others will view items, pin them again which others will see, and so on. Very addictive little place to belong to as well.  If you would like to see some of these places make sure to look in the right side bar of my site here, and find the clickable buttons to take you there.

I know that Social Medias seem like such a waste of time to some, but it has been proven that others have gotten higher views from such places, and some have made sales because of some of these places too. The more exposure, the more your name is seen, the more you can benefit from it. Using these places are a great way of promoting your stores, blogs, websites, links to you, and so on.  Remember, I am not saying you have to sign up to all of them, and belong to a long list of them, but associating yourself with a few of them is good for you, and your business. Just like blogging.....google and the search engines like fresh content which helps them to know to crawl there, and check things out. So, next time you are out roaming the internet, and looking for ways to show your name more, keep in mind that Social Medias are a good thing to be involved with.

I want to thank everyone for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and hope I was able to share some things with you as well. If you have any question, would like to comment, and most of all maybe share something with the rest of us, please do so. Love hearing from everyone, and don't forget to say Hi letting me know you stopped by too.


  1. A very interesting point of view. Many online sellers, myself included jumped on the bandwagon and joined too many social media sites.

  2. LOL:) Umm....I had done the same thing a long time ago. I joined so many I could not remember them all, or they were in my notes, but I was not active with them. Over time I found which ones I enjoyed, and by watching with the Search engines I have also seen which ones show my name that I benefit with. So...since then I have narrowed it way down to what I all participate with. I do the usuals of G+, FB, Twitter...which things are set to go there without me signing into that one, Vintage Village, Ecrater, Online Sellers, and so on. But...I watch my time with them too. As long as I participate about 2-3 times a week...like blogging I am doing fine. So, on different days during the week I will visit with them, sign in, read a little bit, add something if I have anything to offer, and then back out I go. They are very good to work with, but I learned over time not to devote all of my time to them....on a schedule like anything else:)

    Good Luck to you Embroidery Fashions Boutique, and thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams!:)


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