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Lets Get Organized Repurposed Upcycled Organize Your Home

Lets Get Organized! Repurposed Upcycled Organize Your Home. 

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Happy to see you stop by. Since Thanksgiving our house has been in a shambles. Contractors in and out, mostly outside, pulling things off walls for them to bang while putting on insulation and siding, cutting holes in wall to put in windows, removing windows, covering, and so on. We have 2 extra rooms upstairs that I have had to combine both of the content into one....Yeah! That was fun! I have most of living room furniture in the dining room, and....I think ya'll have got the picture of it, right? Me going nuts!:)

Prior to this I was looking things over in the rooms, going through things and slowly boxing them to be donated, would find some things I could repurpose, and do some handmade projects, and things like that. Slow process when you do it by yourself, and limited with some things you can do. But, took my time, and just went at my own pace with it. Unfortunately, I did not get all of it done before the house was shook up with everything. 

Now, sitting, looking around in the computer room, seeing the mess in the dining room with completed projects and the other clutters, and just everywhere I have realized I really would like to find a way to better organize things in the home. Maybe on the walls, in the cupboards, where to put some of the little things, crafting working room, and so on. 

I am all about saving money, but still having it look good too. There are many things a person can find that are low cost to use for the organizing you want done in your home. Along with that there are also things that you might already have that you can repurpose it, upcycle it, recreate it into something else to use for this task. Below you will see a few pictures I have found to give you some ideas. There is so much out there to see, get ideas from, learn from too. So, I thought maybe I would share a few with you that I had found of some of the small tasks. Here goes........Hope you enjoy, and it helps you with that "spark" for some of your home organizing. 

 Here is a repurposed cup mug holder that was transformed into a scissor holder for your crafts, and creating. This is shown by


These are some vintage match box holders that have been left with their vintage patina, connected to a wall, and can be used for some of your items as pencils, pens, could hold some scissors, and things like that. I have a couple I have been wondering what to do with them, paint them, or use them some how. This helps me with some ideas. This came from

Here is another simple organizer for the counter tops, your desk, table, etc. Use plastic sleeves, and add them to a paper towel holder with some rings. Store some of your embellishments, sticker sheets, recipes, and many possibilities. Organize it to your needs. This was found with

Here is a really nifty idea! Some simple quick filing of everyday things, pencil and pen holder...all in one. This is a dish rack being used for this organizational idea. Great isn't it?  I found this picture that had been pinned, and showing at
Here is another idea to help organize around your desk, maybe a place with your counter tops, fixing that corner up to be more presentable, and etc. Seeing this gives some wonderful ideas too. This had been found at pinterest again, and it was noted with it. 
 I have seen some neat things done with wooden boxes, crate boxes, drawers, and etc. The drawers are cut shorter, and then connected to the wall and then used for organizing your books, magazines, papers, files, and etc. This simple box has been repurposed for organizing of some jewelry. I have also found this picture from Sorry, I don't see a note made of who to credit with this.
This is something I really enjoy...using shutters for many things. Hanging on the walls for some of your mail, pictures, notes, added some little catch alls to them for your pencils, pens, scissors, rulers, and endless possiblities. Oh, yeah, this is another picture someone had pinned at That place is addictive with pinning, and seeing what others are finding on the internet, and sharing too.
 Here is a repurposed shower caddy being used. It's endless, and the possibilities with so many things too. Priceless. As you can see this one is showing being used again with supplies of note pad, scissors, ruler, and so on. This picture is credited to

When....I had more purses than I do now...LOL:) You are always looking for a way to have them organized with storage, within reach, easily accessible when changing from one to another, and etc. This picture shows using shower rings to hold, and help organize them. Hmm....getting some ideas for other things too? This picture was noted from

This is great to use for under your sinks, and in some of the cupboards where it is needed. We all get some spray bottles collected for different cleaners, and different purposes. Yet, there is never enough room to have them all together. Or, have them together and then where do you store your other things to use with it too? This tension rod being used to hang the bottles with the handles, and sprayers is a great idea. This picture gives some ideas of what could be done to help you....and Me:) Picture came from

As mentioned above, there is a lot of things out there to see, get visuals of how others suggest or have done themselves, and etc. I seen a lot of possibilities, and many of them gave me some great ideas to use, and revise to ways that would work for me. 

Now, time for me to get to work, and organize what I can till the house can be put back together again. Hope you enjoyed your visit, and I hope this has helped you with some of those wonderful organized ideas that are needed. Hey, if you have any ideas, or something you have done that helps you.....give a holler here, and share it with us all. Love to hear from you. Remember to say Hi so I know you stopped by to visit too. Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams! See you again soon.


  1. Love this. Some neat ideas. I also am in limbo, no construction here, but moving things into different rooms. A very slow process and everything seems to be chaos. You've set me to thinking about organizing possibilities and using some of what's here more creatively. Thanks.

  2. Hazel, thanks so much for stopping by & visiting! When I visit pinterest, or other blogs I sometimes see even more ideas others are sharing...helps me to find my way, and what would work for me. Chaos...LOL:) Oh, yeah, I understand that! I had plans this weekend to start on some things....but it is SOOO cold! Got some winds, and a not so nice draft through the kitchen window. Brrrr! Anyway...Good Luck to you, and thanks for visiting. Have a super weekend!:)



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