Monday, June 20, 2011

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Hello, and Welcome again to LilacsNDreams everyone!

Sorry I did not get a second post done for the week. Took a small break with the weekend, Fathers Day...which I hope everyone was able to enjoy the day, getting some house things done, and going through notes and such here. I have some more topics I will be touching base with a bit, but spent a little time looking things over again. Yes, again, but no drastic changes everyone, I promise. Just working on how to combine things more, and doing some more of that simplifying that I have really gotten a bug for doing the past couple of months. 

I so enjoy trying to put things into one place, or have them near by as much as possible. I am happy I can offer links to everyone that you can click, and go to, view, visit, and enjoy. A way to share what I offer to you. But, sometimes it is nice to be able to put everything into one place too. I have many other blogs as I know many of you also do as well. They are fun, addictive, and I enjoy them. Sometimes it is very time consuming, and a decision must be made where to focus your attention more to better serve everyone. So, I have slowly added a few more tabs to the top of my blog as you will see. 

I have a tab for Where I Hang At...sharing a few different places that are open to the public for all to view, and of course join with too. You know, social media. There are some great places out there, and some of them have been very helpful with the people/members, the sharing, and most of all the learning too. 

There is a tab I have added in for Sharing Blog Love. . . There are MANY MANY great blogs out there! Some I so enjoy I could spend all day reading, and going through them. I enjoy the things shared, techniques and instructions offered for DIY projects, and it is just interesting seeing what others have to offer with their passions they have. So, I have started a list of some blogs there, and know there are many more to be added yet. I made this a page as I did not want to add it to my side bar of my blog. I just feel sometimes I might be putting to much on my main blog page, and it can be distracting to some, and for some it can also slow the page loading too. 

Another tab I have added is for Thrift Store Junkies. . . .Something that is a passion of many people. A way we all find our treasures for our own homes, to craft with, doing some creative work with, repurpose, upcycle, and so on. I do have a blog for this that does not get near the attention of this blog, and my store blog. So, I am trying to incorporate that into this blog by creating the page for it. I try to keep my Blog Home Page more of a place to read, share things about this n that, not too many pictures as I offer my store pictures with my LilacsNDreams Store Blog, and store page links are shared there with the pictures.

I almost forgot! There is yet one more tab, or page if you wish. That one is called Chit~Chat Coffee Shoppe. With that page I am hoping to some how work it that we can stop by there, and share a little bit of everything there. Whether it is to say Hi, give us your name, and what you do, what kind of day you have had, did something good happen you are exploding to share, and if you need a place to just vent a little bit too. All I ask is that it is kept clean there, no bad language, remember everyone does have an opinion, and let's keep it pleasant please. 

So, give the pages, or tabs a visit if you will. Bear with me as this is a working progress, the tabs could change a little, or the titles might change a little. I am hoping to make your visit with LilacsNDreams more enjoyable by offering just a few more things for you to see, and share with too.

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and hope you enjoyed the visit. Remember, you are welcome to share, comment, ask questions, and just be yourself. Thanks again everyone, and have a Happy Monday!:)


  1. You are right, it is difficult to answer each comment or with so many blogs out there, try to comment on each. You have some great ideas! Like the coffee house talk!

  2. Sorry for delay in responding....facing storms here last night, and into morning.

    Thank you for visiting with LilacsNDreams today Merry Fox, and for your sweet and encouraging words! It is very hard to keep up with things, I am a friendly conversational person, but have troubles like many others being able to respond to all comments, and it does bother me. I never want anyone to feel they are being ignored as it really is not my nature to do that, but it can be over whelming sometimes:)

    Thanks for the coffee house talk compliment! Hopefully I can get things working more this week...storms should be done, and I am suppose to have some extra time this week....crossing fingers:)

    Thanks again for your visit, and encouraging words Merry Fox!:) Have a super week:-)



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