Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Cottage Style Decorating For Home

A Cottage Style Decorating For Your Homes is the topic for today. 

Having a cottage style home is light and airy, fresh and fun, and completely clearly plainly original. Today's style often incorporates soft palettes of greens, blues, yellows, shades of lilac, and pink too. Sometimes you may see some things brightened with some brisk colors used too. Using pastels for color, some pretty florals, and with some vintage home accessories gives your home that cozy cottage style. 

Lace handkerchiefs, lace trims, fragrance candles and some sweet smelling soaps, those comfortable rocking chairs, wallpapers, fabrics are so yummy for the home of cottage styles. Also, sometimes some glassware whether it is clear, or slight coloring that sparkles in the light may be displayed. Picture some of those furniture slip covers that are inviting, some vintage style upholstery, and of course the layers of weathered paint. Gotta love that chippy paint.

Your cottage style decorating can surface anywhere, and attitude is also what makes the house cottage. Depending where the house is located sometimes I have seen seaside, shells, and sailboats incorporated with their decor too. 

Todays expression of cottage style is the thought of flea markets, fresh flowers, vintage patterns, and a bit of romance with that. A welcoming feeling to all who visit. 

I love cottage style homes, and wish I was all that with our home. Working progress. I sure do admire the style when I see it in books, and by many who share their homes with us. Which style of home are you? 

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