Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blog Blogging With SEO

Blog Blogging With Seo. Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams. This posting will be in part to my previous blog post about blog, and blogging. 

Reminder that when we blog, and especially if it is for business, we want to work with our Seo. There is On Page Optimization, and Off Page Optimization to work with. ALL Search Engines have a unique algorithm for determining how relevant your blog post is to a given query.

On Page Optimization is for how many words in a post that match up with a search that was just done. Create content that will pertain to your business, or the topic of the post. Try to answer questions within your blog post. Doing some of this will help in your ranking higher with searches. 

• Brainstorm Keyword Phrases. Brainstorm as many keyword phrases, and words
   that you will rank well with, and you fell prospective customers will use.

• Use Keyword Analysis Tools like Google Adword Keyword Tool.
   Also, you could use the Google Analytics which in the report you can also see 
   what keywords are being used to find some of your posts. There are free 
   things out there to use for researching keywords, and of course some are to be
   paid for too.

Tools help determine how many people are searching for your phrases you use, and also gives an idea of how much competition is there for each phrase too.

Off Page Optimization is how many quality inbound links you have (links from other websites, blogs, directories, etc to your blog and the post done. This is the other 1/2 of the search engine equation. Search engines see inbound links as "votes of confidence"

Variables that will effect how important each link is,

• Linking Site
• Number of links on the referring page. Each page does have a limited amount. 
  Again, you would not want to over due it as suggested with the keywords too.
• Context of the Linking Page. Your blog subject, and if links from that subject.
• Anchor Text. Words in the link are critical. Use words that pertain to your topic,
  and of course what your business is. Such as vintage, collectibles, repurposing
  are words that could be used for me. You then have those words link to the 
  blog post, your website, your store, and so on. 

To get more incoming links to your blog, and the website as many of you work with you can use numbered lists. This was suggested, and it is not something I have done, but there are some businesses that could use it for their way of business. Use How to Articles. Speak of a certain topic, use and give instructions for completion of certain topics, and a suggestion for this would to also be using a video. Yes, videos have been highly recommended as it is seen people do like to view these. Another suggestion for more links is to use  Guest Blog that you can create keyword rich links to your blog, or website. 

Links were mentioned, but don't forget your backlinks too. Not only do you want links going out to places of interest, but you also want the links coming back to you. Preferably they are links from sites, or places that share some of your same interests to be more meaningful too. This will also help you get higher in search engine rankings too. 

Remember, when you blog, find topics that pertain to the audience, customers, followers that you have. Hard to please everyone I know, but do the best you can, and of course topics that appeal to you so that you can show your interest, and personality with it too. 

Publicize your blogs. Do this by sharing them to Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Stumble Upon. You will generally see more reactions with this than comments left on your blog. 

Try to show your personality through your blogs too. People can see you, and sense you through your words, how you present yourself, and is good for creating friendships, and business relationships. 

Back to the idea of a topic. If you have a thought, something you want to share, see something that refers you to it being a good topic please make a note of it. It is very easy to grow your topic list this way. Sometimes we might run into a block of thoughts, and ideas too. Sometimes using word tracker can be helpful with ideas from words read.

Try to be consistent, have a schedule of posting, and another thought is you can always post again about a topic you have already done. By doing that you will be adding to it, and refreshing the thoughts and comments with it too. 

Here is to everyone who visits with LilacsNDreams today. Hope you enjoyed more of the Blog Blogging topic, and that is was helpful to you. Remember, you are always welcome to share, comment, and add to the topics as well. Thanks again, and have a great day everyone. 


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