Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reuse, Repurpose, Upcycle, Recycle of Discarded Treasures

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle of Discarded Treasures. I, like many others, spend time roaming the internet, reading, and learning things. Along the way I like to see creations that people make, what they do, how they do it, and love everything I see with it. Over time I too have been wanting to do some of this, be creative, and it feels like a yearning inside of me trying to get out. To me it is relaxing, very fun putting my thoughts and ideas into something, and it's the little things that bring a smile to my face, and hopefully yours as well. 

Definitions I found of the words when I googled them. 
• Reuse: whatever the purpose, you basically reuse the item for the same 
  purpose more than one time

• Repurpose: you take one thing, and use it for something else (repurpose it)
  before it goes through any breakdown, and reformation. For instance a shirt 
  being used to make a handbag, or shopping bag. Maybe a metal pipe into
  a sculpture. Use something in a new way.

• Upcycle: is familiar to recycling in that you are taking something, and 
  reworking it into a new form for continued use. Main difference being you are
  not altering its form back into its components for reuse.

• Recyle: return (material) to a previous stage of cyclic process; convert
  waste to a reusable material. For example a recycled box is broken down, and
  made into new cardboard. Or, plastic is broke down, and melted into new

I know, it can get confusing sometimes, but it also determines how we use the words, and explain them to mean also. 

Repurpose Vintage Items ~ Giving new life to stuff already owned. There are many things a person has around their home that they can do this with. If you are like me, you don't throw anything away because you might be able to use it some day. So, sitting at home, or looking in magazines, and looking through thrift stores, yard sales, and junk there is always posibilities. 

Vintage items can be repurposed in your homes. Maybe you have an old wooden high chair, a ladder, or an ironing board. Popular use, or remake is to use them to hold books, and sometimes flower pots too. Have a double kitchen sink? Use it for your gardens as a raised flower beds. Collectible tumblers, and vases can be a variety of things. Use them for tooth brushes, hair brush, paint brushes, combs, pens, pencils, etc. Use some of those vintage long, and low ceramic planters with the kitchen, or bathroom for sponges, soaps, teas, washcloths, loose change, your keys, reading glasses, etc. 

Another one I like, and there is a person who has a blog that I giggle with, laugh at, and am in aww over is how they repurpose coffee tea pots. They use them for outside, in their gardens, and make people with them. It is just adorable! But, you can also use these items as planters, paint them to fit with your decor, use them as hanging planters, or maybe for the table tops as center pieces too. 

Hang on, just a few more ideas to help get them creative juices going for everyone. How about some of the kitchen decor you have? For instance the colanders. Put some onions in them because of the circulation, and ventilation with them. Use some enamel pans for maybe your potatoes. 

I adore those who use bits and pieces from the past, and create something new to enjoy. I sometimes hope by doing this that it will help remind people of simpler times. 

LOL:) See how much fun junk can be?! I love vintage, and collectibles, and have worked with it for years now. But, it feels like something is missing. When I am out thrifting I sometimes visualize other ways of using pieces, maybe if I paint it this way I can sit it for show in this way, or maybe I can add this piece to a more modern piece I have at home to make something new of it. The possibilities are endless!

I hope everyone enjoyed this topic, and was able to maybe get a smile about something, see something in a different way, and of course to help you with your creative juices of ideas, and what can be done. After all, we are collectors of a little bit of everything. If not reusing pieces for as they are, why not repurpose them in ways that puts a smile to your face too?:)

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams. When in internet roam stop by to see my Artfire store, check out the category for the repurposed, and upcycled treasures I have. There is not a whole lot there yet. A working progress as I clean house more, rid some of the inventory, and of course use some pieces of the inventory to repurpose too. Have fun, enjoy, and be safe all. I look forward to your next visit:)


  1. Kim...I've reused, repurposed and recycled, but upcycle is still Greek to me! LOL

  2. love this inspiring post,I'm now following your blog and your facebook wheyyy !! to go do some creating ,I have a lovely vintage tablecloth calling to me ....what can I make ???Will let you know x manda x

  3. This post is cute...and relevant to where I am today, at this moment...I am currently organizing an ArtSpaCe for my self...recently I was driving and alongside the road I found a wooden chest and a table..which I intend to re-use in my creative space[I will post pics when I'm done]...Oh and thanks for the clarification. I always wondered about the technical differences between the words.

  4. Thank You everyone for visiting with LilacsNDreams, sharing, and your wonderful comments!

    Diane...LOL:) I can relate to what you said. That is one reason I tried to look up a little what they mean. It can get confusing, but it's sooo much fun!

    Amanda...Hmm, tablecloth! Many things come to mind with that. Whether it is a good cleaning to use as is, or if it needs to be used for other purposes...the possibilities. Many things can be done, and I enjoy seeing all that everyone offers with their creativities too.

    aMorita-Sa...I LOVE what you found, and my mind too goes along with creating, and possibilities of treasures found. Have fun, and yes, make sure to share with us!

    I often look back over time, going back to child hood, and thinking of my thoughts & dreams then too. I had a close friend who we use to play out in the dirt, make little flower people with the flowers, create things, and talk of having a place like the craft store use to be in our small town then. Grew up, got interested in old things, history of things, and learned about treasure hunting, digging, salvaging, and so on. All the time loving what I was doing, but an ache for something missing. I enjoy the free feeling I have when digging for things, finding things, and imagining uses for this-n-that..paint this...glue this with this...cut this up & do this, and you know what I mean!:-)

    Enjoy all that you do everyone, visit with us all more here, and don't be afraid to share as well. Thanks again, and hope all are having a great holiday weekend!:)



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