Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fostoria, Iridescent Blue Carnival Glass, Iridescent Pink Carnival Glass Glasware

Hello, and Welcome to the blog of LilacsNDreams! Glad to see you here. If you would like to see the pictures with the links of items I have listed with my store, and shop at Ecrater and Artfire, hop on over to my LilacsNDreams Store blog to see this. Got some beautiful glass ware I am offering. We plan on moving, and it is time to down size things here. Plus, I am scared to move some of this glassware, and have something happen to it too. I prefer it goes to a home safely from me, then to travel with movers:)

Been spoiled with the warmer days we had because t is cold out now...ugh! But, that doesn't stop me from keeping busy with my stores, and trying to get more inventory into them. The usual you know, pictures, measuring, weighing, researching...that is where a lot of time is spent is doing this. I do have a Fenton bowl I hope to be listing soon. Been researching that most of the week, and unusual piece I have not found anywhere else yet. I have ideas of the history, and can explain things with that. Just need a little more knowledge to feel comfortable listing it:)

When you have a chance, don't forget to visit my LilacsNDreams Store blog which there is a little link at top for it, or just click on it now. Also, visit my Artfire shop, and my Ecrater store. Have a Happy Weekend everyone!:)

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