Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Update for Fenton Blue Green Opalescent Grape and Cable Glass Bowl

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams. Just wanted to add a small update with the mystery of the research with the Fenton Blue Green Opalescent Grape and Cable Bowl I have listed at LilacsNDreams Artfire Shop

Today 03-08-2011 I got an email from the museum@fentongiftshop.com in a response to a question I had asked earlier about this particular bowl. This is the response that they gave to me:

Color: Green Opalescent
Pattern: Grape and Cable 
Year: Circa 1980s
Item: Bowl
     They believe that the bowl was a sample made for the Fenton Gift Shop. They do not keep records of sample items. Fenton company did get their idea for the Grape and Cable pattern from Northwood Glass Company. The mould used to make this bowl is by Fenton. 

Wow! So, this piece could very well be an unusual rare collectible. I have gone to the website for the FentonGiftShop.com to look at things more. They have a woman there for about 30 yrs now who paints the designs on some of the pieces for Fenton. She does take orders, and special requests for some pieces. That makes them even more unique, rare, and a treasured memory too! On this site they also discussed the scheduled tours you can take to see how glass is made, I got on one page that talked of the museum of glass and the cases of glass they show. 

On their first page they have a paragraph that states Nowhere on earth will you find a wider selection of first-quality, preferred seconds and retired Fenton Art Glass then at the Fenton Gift Shop in Williamstown, WV, and then gives the address of where they are. 

It also states on this page Limited items are available for purchase in the Fenton Gift Shop, and gives the number to call. If you like, visit Fenton Gift Shop to see all they have to show there. Amazing, and very insightful too!

After receiving this from them I felt it was confirmed just a little bit more about this being a special rare find---which others helping me with search had also questioned about this too. It would be a treasure to adorn someone's home for years to come.

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams today, and glad you could join me. I am happy to share what I learn, and have really enjoyed learning about this bowl, meeting people along the way, and also enjoy passing this onto others. Take care, and have a great evening everyone!:)

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