Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Fenton Blue Aqua Opalescent Grape and Cable Ruffled Top Bowl

After spending most of the week researching this Fenton Blue Opalescent Grape and Cable Bowl, and there were many others who also assisted with the research of this unique piece, I have finally listed this bowl for sale with my shop at Artfire. Most pieces of the Fenton Grape and Cable pattern are seen in the carnival glass. This is one piece that is not carnival glass, is not iridized for the carnival glass, and thought maybe to have gotten out the door of production before the marigold spray had been added to this for the carnival look. Or, could it have been a small experimental run with Fenton on this piece, and color? No one knows for sure, at least that has been found this far.
Many books, many authors, many researchers interpretations adds to the charm of this beautiful piece that words, and pictures cannot do justice to. When you get a chance, visit my shop at Artfire to view this beautiful piece. Great for the collector of Fenton, the Glass collector, and would make a great gift for someone very special too. 

I am so thrilled with this piece, and had to come by to show everyone here. Enjoy!:) Have a super week everyone!:)


  1. Thank You Very Much!:) Love this piece, but it sure has been a mystery with all the research, and the wonderful help of many others too. One of those pieces that has become unique, and possibly...possibly-no guarantee.....rare:) It has been fun learning, and I have always admired Fenton glasswares too:)

    Thanks Again, have a super week!:)


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