Sunday, August 8, 2010

Welcome All Bloggers, Socials, Vintage & Collectible Collectors....Everyone!:)

My Goodness! Where has the time gone this week? Wow! It is already Saturday night, late, and I will soon be off to bed. Trying to complete things, work on some things, and unfortunately it has not been with listing things either...UGH! I have really got to work on organizing a schedule for me!

I did spend time a little bit researching, reading, and printing some notes for me on how to do a few things with my google site. I have been busy with some of the nings social sites too. Love them places, and the people you meet with them too!:) Check them all out sometime. There is Vintage Village They are working on a Co-Op ad right now that will be published with Vintage Magazine. I am excited about it myself too. There is the paper version, and also a digital version too:) Then, there is TSU Sellers Network  A social network for online sellers, and the past few days has had some nice growth with their membership there too. Angie not only manages that sight, but has other things she does to help with advertising, promoting, and etc. Another one I cannot forget about as they have a ning, a blog, and it is all connected with the ecrater store network too. The name for that is eCrater Ning They have some really great people here too! Very helpful, informative, and great at working together, and helping one another with any issues or questions that arise.

There are some more I would love to mention, but I do not want to bore ya'll with all of them tonight. I will save those for the next time, ok? Now, don't forget, I have my booth with bonanzle, and you can go there by clicking the button on the sidebar along with my store at ecrater too. And, the new google site I am working with is at LilacsNDreams I know same name:) Sorry, but I am kind of attached to it:)

Thanks for coming by, and for all new followers too. Take care, and have a super weekend!:)


  1. Wow! Thanks for all the valuable research! I'm checking into each of these for when I get my webstore up and running! Thanks again!

  2. Glad I could help,and make sure you check places out. They are there to help, advertise for free with, and etc.

  3. We are excited about the Ad too... :)


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