Friday, August 20, 2010

Bonanzle, Ecrater, Marketplace Spotlight

Hello Everyone, and thanks for stopping by here, and visiting with me!:) I had noted about some wonderful social places to be visiting. One of those mentioned is a new place that is up & coming, and I wanted to clarify a little more of what it is. The best way for me to explain it is like a shopping mall. This is a place for sellers to offer their goods, show you where their items are being sold, a place for the buyer to get a feel of what is being offered, and where being offered at, and instead of visiting their store right away you can ask questions here too. To better view what I am explaining, it would be best for you to stop by & give them a visit at Marketplace Spotlight A Place for Your Online Shopping. Hope to see you there!:)

Well, keeping this one short tonight....I am tired again:) But, am happy to have you stop by, and see me here too:) Thanks again for the visit, don't forget the LilacsNDreams Store button at the top that is being worked it & have a look:) Also, I am still working with my website too at LilacsNDreams Site. I have been priming & painting with some things at home today, and soon hope to have some pictures to show of some things for you too:) I also went thrifting today, and found some nice collectible pieces that are now drying, and hope to picture them & add them with my inventory soon. Ya'll take care, and stop by again soon!:)

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