Monday, August 9, 2010

Have a Beautiful Day Everyone!!:o)

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog. I was just stopping by here to check on a few things, and get my list in order of things to organize with, and get more a schedule set for me. I have so many 3 blogs I work with, 2 websites working on, all the ning social places I belong to, and let's say I spend a lot of time reading emails, and socializing. So, I have looked some things over, and let some social sites go, and am going over things to get more of a schedule for me to follow. Would make things easier, and help me so that I can get back to focusing on listings items, and working on some of the things I am doing too. Summer about over, and time to get back into the groove of things again:)

Hope the weather has been good where everyone is. We have some very strong winds...up to 70 mph hit us, and the area. In 1 area I heard of a train being blown over from the winds we had...yeah, pretty bad, huh? Came in, and just that like that is gone again. Winds just all of a sudden quit, and you could see lights on the hiway again. 

Well,after reading a little bit, and a friend helping me with some instructions on my website, I hope to working on that tomorrow. At least gonna try it, and play around with it. Hopefully get it to more of where I would like it to be:)

Well, everyone, hope ya'll had a great evening, and are safe where you are from the weather. Take care, and have a beautiful day! Later.....


  1. Thanks, Lilacs! Hope your day was lovely, too!

  2. I just came here from Marketplace Spotlight. So glad to have found some blogs that share my common interest of selling on Bonanzle. Love your products as you can't always find some of those items anymore.

  3. Thanks for the visit & comments also ladies!:o) Great to have you stop by & visit with me. Have a beautiful day, and best of luck to you:)


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