Friday, August 20, 2010

Vintage Village, TSU Sellers Network, Marketplace Spotlight, eCrater Ning

Hello Everyone, and thanks so much for stopping by to check on me today. I have been up since about 2:30 a.m. not able to sleep. So, what the heck, get some things done now, right? I feel I am getting tired, so won't make this long to all of you. 

Upon viewing my blog, make sure you check on the side for some of the social sites I belong to. The boxes are there, and they are clickable to go to them too. But, I will put them here for you too. Check out:
Vintage Village   The 2 administrators here are great!:) Check out the pictures of some gorgeous vintage treasures too...Hmm...
TSU Sellers Network  Angie has a nice place here for sellers to collect at to show pictures, their links, share & help each other too.
Marketplace Spotlight This is a new place that Angie also runs too. Place is growing, and is for the sellers & shoppers too. Sellers show their things here, give an idea of what they sell, and shoppers can stop by to view & read a little bit of something about different places of where sellers sell at too.
eCrater Social Network ESN  For those who have ecrater stores, check this place out too. Here are other sellers from ecrater that share links, pictures, and help each other too.

Well, I think maybe should go rest a little bit again. Daughter here soon to get some money from us...HeHe...will stop for that, right? LOL! Son has left for work with a new job today, and I hope to be able to get 1 of my items painted today so that it can sit to dry, and I can do my finishing touches to it. Wish me luck everyone:) Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you again:) Have a Beautiful weekend everyone & Have Fun!:) Later..........

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