Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Raising Money 24 Hour Goal to Meet

                   ! ! HELP ! !
Hello Everyone, and thanks for stopping in to read about this great new opportunity that is being worked with. As you all know I do belong to a few social networks, and I love it too! I meet many people with them, am able to share things with people, and also get help from many of the members too. At TSU Sellers Network, or some might know it as Treasure Seekers Unite, there is a Great Opportunity being worked on! One of those situations where it is good, and has to be had now to get all involved with know what I mean?:) Angie, the owner of the sights is working on a deal to put All-Into-One for all the sights she has. We would have 1 place to go to, 1 sign in, with many features to be considered, looked at, and things that Sellers & Shoppers could share together. How neat is that!?) A Social Network for all of us to gather to, and unite:)

Money is being raised to help secure the New Platform with some of these great new features too. We have 24 hrs set as our goal. For those who donate, Angie would be willing to exchange for some advertising of the New Site to help meet the goal set. If already a member, please donate. Hey, New Members are always Welcome too!:) Thank You in advance for your donations, and wish us luck!:) It is going to be bigger, and better than before....I can't wait!:) Hope to see you there, and here is the link to help you out too:)
Chipin Widget Donation for New TSU Platform

Here are a few words from Angie:  All donations will cover the one-time cost of our new platform, 1 year hosting, and 2 years of domain renewal.  Please share the above link with your friends, even if you can't afford to donate.

Donating members will be featured on the new website.  You can view a list of all current and previous contributors via the OUR SPONSORS page.

Thank you!

Hey, that 1 time cost is better than a yearly occurance with Ning...I like it:) Thanks for visiting me, and for reading about this great opportunity everyone. I hope to see you there, and to be a part of something big, and better for us too!:) Thank you in advance to all who participate!:)

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