Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hello & Welcome to all Bloggers, Socializers, Ning Members, and so on........

Hello Everyone, and Good Evening...Early Morning for me:) Sorry, I really have been absent lately, and I truly am sorry for that as I miss it when I don't stop into my blog as I was becoming accustomed to. I have quite a few social sites I belong to, and have been going through those, and knocking some of those out of the way according to memberships, how long I had been there, if it was benefiting me in some way, and how often I actually visited & participated with it too. Whew! My list was very long, still kind of is, but slowly going down too:)

I have recently signed up with a new place that is taking off quite well, and suggest others stop to visit. Will be a place for sellers to show their things, and a place also for buyers to visit to see what is being offered, and see things a little bit more detailed too. When you get a chance, please visit with Marketplace Spotlight Angie is the owner there, and is a great gal who spends much time on the internet working with this sight, and some other ones that she has too. Another popular one of hers for sellers to collect to, share things there, and etc is with TSU Sellers Network When you are able to, stop by to give these 2 places a visit. The memberships are growing daily, and they are great groups of people there too:) 

Don't forget, if you like Thrift Store, Yard Sale, Flea Markets & Junking too...stop by my group page I had started with facebook too. Place to share your treasure hunting experiences, your junking, dumpster diving too---I know there are others who do this too:o) Share your links, share your websites, share some pictures, and just a place to have all sharing the same interest to collect to. The group name is Thrift Store, Yard Sale, Flea Market Junkies on FB, and on the side there is also a clickable link that should take you there too:)

Thanks for everyone being patient with me since I have not been here much. I wish I could promise it would change, but life happens sometimes....I am sure we can all relate. This last time besides me trying to do my thing was dealing with my daughter & grand baby being here do to some marital issues. So, added to my 'TO DO' list was more cooking, more cleaning, babysitting, shopping, and etc. Hopefully it is all ok as they are home again too. curve after another, right? LOL!

Anyway, ya'll take care. Thanks so much for stopping, and for your wonderful comments too! Best of luck to all of you, have a beautiful day, and I'll be back!:) Later.........

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