Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams Blog. Glad to see you here. Hope everyone is handling the weather well for where you live. Me? Very cold, winds, below zero, snow, dismissals, late starts, and...I think I am ready to move! Been saying that, but starting to think it just might happen yet.

How many visitors are with Etsy? I have a store there I have not done anything with for a while, and not sure if I really want to. Very big ordeal going on there, and everything I am seeing and reading I am not impressed with it. I feel sorry for some of you who have maybe bought from there once, twice, and have not been there in a while. In Feb. they will be implementing a thing of getting into the sellers email addresses, and grabbing those contacts in there. Yep, invasion of privacy! Sadly, the sellers can opt out of this which is good, but it can still backfire on them. IF they bought from anyone on Etsy, and that seller does not opt out of this next step, well...Etsy can still get their email address even though they opt out themselves as a seller with their personal information. 

Reasoning is to help people find each other with email addresses. Sorry, to me and many many others at Etsy it is like spam. It has already started with them moving into Facebook for those Etsy sellers who submitted to that feature to help show their sale items. But, upon going into facebook it not only got on the fan pages, but also hit some of the personal profile pages, and got the sellers real names from there! Whew! Some people due to security reasons do not show their real names till items are sold, and transactions are then being handled by them, and the buyer, which is only natural then. But, there are some people who might have issues of exs looking for them, stalkers, and whatever other personal reasons there could be. 

This is just a very very sad time at Etsy. Has been one thing after another...the coral issue, when the treasuries was showing personal information a few months ago & they had to work to stop it...took some time to do it, they were on CNN news because of a seller on Etsy selling some cards that were in bad taste....bad enough to make news with CNN, the forums there are soon closing because you will have to belong to groups/teams instead of using the forums, and now this with the email addresses, and the privacy of many actually. 

IF you are involved with Etsy in anyway, watch your emails for any kind of notices, check on your accounts if still associated with them, check your facebook account, and if you have to remove Etsy from your applications on there, and most of all....thanks to all of this, take precaution, and watch things closer right now.  Good Luck to all who may be involved with this mess.

I listed a few things in my Ecrater store that do not qualify for vintage on Artfire. Stop by to visit, and see some of the goodies I have for sale there. Thanks again for visiting, and ya'll take care. See you the next time. 


  1. Hey Sweet Pea...
    I was thinking about ETSY....but...for some reason...held back...thanks for sharing... I'm waiting...and watching...
    Thanks....Barb C.

  2. Hi simplyiowa, and thanks for visiting!:) Yeah, there really has been a lot happening at Etsy right now, and it is kind of scary. Then...between those forums, and over at Artfire, people have been leaving, riding their listings out, and lately there really has been some heated discussion over at Etsy.

    It is too bad as they did have a really good reputation at one time, did well there, but now there has just been sooo much happening!:(

    Roam through the forums, and read what ya can there. Seeing yourself will help you decide more too.

    Take care Barb, and have a super week! Keep warm!!



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