Thursday, February 17, 2011

LilacsNDreams Blog, Website, Web Presence, Venues, Etc

Hello everyone, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! I have been kind of busy lately, and not with any new listings like I should be. Or, crafting for my other site, and blog like I should be too. Sorry, and I do apologize for not being the fastest person to get things done. But, I keep working with things as my abilities allow me to, and it does get done. 

I did start crafting a cloche using a glass bowl, plate, and adding my own knob to the bowl to make it a cloche which I hope to maybe have done tonight for my other store, and site to show. What I have done the past 2-3 days is work with websites for LilacsNDreams, but also for PassnItOn too. The sites are free, and of course with that comes some learning curves, and of course as they say You Get What You Paid For. 

A while back I had read someone commenting about their brick & mortar store, how they moved from 1 state to another....I don't remember the business name but she was from CA, and they moved to Ohio I think it was. Anyway, she made the comment she wanted to show that using free things on the internet such as blogs, and websites could be done that you could profit with it. Her idea was free, and no/low cost, and it could be done. Most cost I have had so far is paying for my domains which makes the web addresses easier to remember, and shortens them too. I always kind of hung onto that idea, decided to finally work with it more....maybe because the season of spring is coming, and like many others trying to find a way to be more efficient, and bring it all together. Upon checking with GoDaddy where I get my domains from they had a special for a .net of $9.99 a yr, and for the .com and .co it was $11.99 a yr. But, already have the .com, and the .net intrigued me as that is what I had in mind. So, off I went to get just a yr, try it out, see what happens, and take it from there. Small investment compared to having an actual host, and so on.

I decided this was a good advantage actually as I sometimes will sell with one market place, then I choose another market place, and yet another one gets chosen too. Soon I have more venues than I know what to do with, don't have the time to spend with them like I should, and sometimes after a while I do not see the benefit with the site, and have left it, or hardly use it. Unfortunately, doing something like that makes it hard for customers, or anyone interested to follow with me. Let's face it, I don't mind hopping a little to get to someone myself. But, if it is done too many times it becomes questionable to me, and I start to lose interest myself. So, thinking of that is what helped me decide to work on things a little bit more with my blog, and with some of my own websites. 

Ok, here is what I have done so far. I have a website set up with Google Sites, and just came from GoDaddy getting my .net reserved for the year. My .net I will forward to my Google Website, and in case you are asking about the .com...I have already forwarded that one to here, my blog. I have decided I will still sell with the venues I have chosen, work with them, and saves me the cost of the shopping cart at this time too. But, for any changes, updates, keeping everyone posted about items listed for sale, where I am, links to follow me with or get to me, etc. I am going to keep all that information at my own places. So, for anyone to find me if need be all they have to do is look for my .com which comes to my blog, and my .net which will take them to the Google Site I have been working on. Anything else I do, I have, have worked on for blogs, sites, and so on will always be posted between the 2 places with all the clickable links to take you from there.

Hope this is going to work out as I am planning, and I know it sounds like I am babbling right now. Sorry. Trying to inform you of what I have been doing, my thinking, and hoping it makes sense to you. If not, please do not hesitate to contact me, leave a comment, and etc. 

What I have so far is on the right side you will see the stores, venues, places I am selling with, and the links are clickable in pink too. Follow my tabs at the top of this page, and you can be taken to what is called LilacsNDreams Store.  What I mostly do there is show pictures of items being offered, and what store they are in. For easy ways to reach me, and go straight to places that have links for you I can be reached at which brings you to my blog here. If you use that will take you to my Google Website I have been working on, showing links there, and setting up pictures for some items being offered on the different venues too. 

Hopefully if I do what I am planning to do, and have started to organize with I can pretty much keep things between these websites, and will not have to go all over to keep everyone updated. Also, hopefully I can make this easier for you my visitors, customers, potential customers, and for those who like to follow:) I like the idea of "I am only a click away"

Thank you all for being patient with me. I so appreciate it, and hopefully it becomes understandable why some days I am around a lot, and other days I have been kind of scarce. Feel free to visit my Website, and please keep in mind, none of it is perfect, and still a working progress, but I have enough done to finally announce it to everyone:)

Thanks for visiting me here, and feel free to ask questions, or leave a comment too. As always have a super day everyone. Till the next time:)


  1. I found your blog from facebook!! I've bookmarked you, and followed you too!!
    hope to check out more! Sounds like you have been very busy!

  2. Daniella, thank you very much!:) I soon will be following your blog with both of my blogs I have...heading over there to follow with this Name too:) Thanks again, and have a super evening!:)


  3. Great post, I admire the writing style :) A little off topic here but what theme are you using? Looks pretty cool.

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