Thursday, February 10, 2011

Social Networks We Belong To

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! I was thinking of Social Networks when I headed here to write to ya'll. How many do we all belong to, do we like them, do we benefit from them, and where do we all belong to?

I use to have a very long list of places I belonged to. It got over whelming, I was spending more time socializing then working on my listings, so I narrowed some down for now. Here are some I belong to at this time:

TSU Sellers Network ~ and if that don't work with some changes happening with the site, please click this  Great group of people, much has been shared here, much has been learned, and everyone is always willing to help another too. Great place for the sellers, buyers, and website owners to belong with too. Also, the owner of this site is working on a new platform that will be open soon to the members, and open to the public. Going to be a really neat place, and a little bit different from all the other sites too.

Vintage Village ~ Is a great place for all those with vintage, and antiques. Many people working together here to get their stores out there for vintage finds, sharing things they know about websites, places to help with your searches of vintage, and so on.

I Antique Online ~ is another great place for vintage, and antique collectors and sellers. Over 5000 members, and still growing. Great place to use if researching an item you have, but not quite sure the age, the make, brand, and etc. 

Junk Market Style ~ Great place to be for those who like junking, restoring, repurposing, upcycling, etc. Great place to get ideas from, see some pictures, meet some great people who also like junking too:)

Like many of us do, roaming the internet, bored, finding things of interest, etc....When you can, check out these places. I know there are many many more out there, and if you have a favorite place you belong to, please do share it with us here:)

Wishing ya'll a great day, and best of luck with all you are doing. Take care till the next time.

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