Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Etsy Forums Done, Join a Team, Artfire is Growing

Hello, and Welcome to the Blog of LilacsNDreams! Happy to see you there, and always welcome anytime too. 

Well, Etsy has gone through with not having their forums, and still have quite a few members not happy with it. In order to ask questions, find out about glitches and bugs, or to clarify anything, You have to belong to a Team now in order to get that information. For you to belong to a Team you have to find one that you feel you might like, and then you have to request to be approved for the Team. Yes, due to different things a Team can turn you down also. Nothing like the forums, huh?

Interesting times with Etsy, what changes will come next, what have they already done, but haven't let you know about it yet? Have to keep an eye out for things, and I will try to share things here as I learn them myself too. 

Don't forget to visit my LilacsNDreams Store Page from this blog. There I show pictures of listings I have done, give you links to my LilacsNDreams Artfire Shop, and LilacsNDreams Ecrater Store. Welcome to visit that, view, and visit my shops too. 

Thanks for visiting, and wishing ya'll a super week! Take care, enjoy, and Have Fun!:)

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  1. Why ETSY is not charming to India:


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